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CGD - Liquid cooling - 8 Pages

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CGD - Liquid cooling
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Catalog excerpts

FAST MOVING TECHNOLOGY Staubu Thermal management

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Flush face technology…

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for your applications Non spill flush face technology guarantees the integrity of the fluid No pollution can enter the circuit on connection. Non-drip to ensure cleanliness and safety of installations and operators. Thanks to the CGD connector, the circuit is automatically closed upon disconnection: ■ No contamination of the environment due to fluid loss ■ Suitable for electrical and high voltage environments Customised sealing solutions Various options of elastomers enable the CGD range to be compatible with the majority of fluids and cover a wide range of temperatures. Performance and reliability...

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Displacement technology A solution suitable for guiding systems with a maximum misalignment of 1 mm. Maximum distance between 2 axes: 1 mm Distance maxi. entre les 2 axes : 0.5 mm The opportunity to spend less and contribute to a sustainable development programme. With Stäubli, you can rely on the performance of your equipment, reliability of long-term investments and no workplace pollution. CGO à double oscillation (raccord oscillant + about oscillant) ou CGO à simple oscillation (raccord non oscillant + about oscillant

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Technical characteristicsConstruction: aluminium alloy with surface treatment Maximum allowable pressure PS (bar) Aluminium Minimum and maximum allowable temperatures TS (°C) To select the type of seal on your CGD sockets and plugs, add the «seal code» to the end of the part number. E.g.: CGD 05.2416/JV for a CGD with fluorocarbon seals. Aluminium socket 6 plug 12 module plug 6

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Plug installation into recessed pocket Machining plans available on request.

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Stäubli units Global presence of the Stäubli Group www.staubli.com Staubli is a trademark of Stäubli International AG, registered in Switzerland and other countries. © Stäubli 27/09/2018. We reserve the rights to modify product specifications without prior notice. connectors.mkg@staubli.com | Photos crédits: St

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