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ZeroTwist TD22 from VETROTEX is - 2 Pages

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ZeroTwist TD22 from VETROTEX is
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Catalogue excerpts

Vetrotex Product DescriptionPackaging Information ZTW 10 kg (22.05 lbs) packages — 88 packages per pallet (8 layers) — Each single ZTW-package is wrapped in a PET-stretch foil. Pallet dimensions: — 130 cm x 100 cm x 117,4 cm (51.18 in. x 39.37 in. x 46.22 in.) Max. net weight per pallet: — 880 kg (1940 lbs) ZeroTwist TD22 from VETROTEX is produced with a starch free sizing system, containing silane bonding agents, providing excellent compatibility with different resins like epoxy, polyester, phenolics or vinyl ester. Glass filament strands sized with TD22 have excellent textile properties, enabling the production of different textile structures like e.g. woven fabrics, warp-knitted fabrics, narrow fabric (tapes) and multi-axial or unidirectional fabrics. These products can be used in composite applications without any heat cleaning and further sizing. Main Advantages — Splice free single end roving, free of catenary; the integrity is given by the size. — Low abrasion and fuzz level — Good weaving properties in both, warp (machine) and fill (crosswise) direction. — Easy to impregnate due to lack of twist — Good fabric coverage — Enables the production of thinn and light weight fabrics for composite applications Transport packaging Each pallet is been wrapped in a stretch foil and protected by a wooden frame, fixed with fastening straps.

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Product Range Products available Product Range Storage, Shelf Life, Processing Conditions The product should be stored in its original packaging in dry conditions away from direct sunbeam. Storage temperatures of between 10 and 35 °C (50 and 95 °F) and a relative humidity between 40% and 70% are recommended. Before processing, the material should be conditioned by exposing it to the processing climate for 24 hours. Though there are no known storage limitations under proper conditions, we recommend to use the material within 6 months after delivery date, or within 24 months after date of manufacture....

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