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Catalogue excerpts

TD37 Yarn Product Description TD37 YARN from VETROTEX is produced with a starch free sizing system, containing silane bonding agents, providing excellent compatibility with different resins like epoxy, polyester, phenolics or vinyl ester. Glass filament yarns sized with TD37 have excellent textile properties, enabling the production of different textile structures like e.g. woven fabrics, braided sleeves, narrow fabrics (tapes), warp-knitted fabrics or multi-axial fabrics. These products can be used in composite applications without any heat cleaning and further sizing. Packaging Information Bobbin H5 (1 carton per pallet) — 92 bobbins per pallet (2 layers) Pallet dimensions (L x W x H): — 120 cm x 100 cm x 93 cm (47,24 in. x 39,37 in. x 36,61 in.) Max. net weight per pallet: — 470 kg (1036 lbs) Bobbin H8 (1 carton per pallet) — 60 bobbins per pallet (2 layers) Main Advantages Excellent yarn integrity and textile processing capabilities — Very low sizing deposit and fuzz level — Good fixation in fabrics — Recommended applications: Multi-axial fabrics - for use in wind turbine, sports and leisure, automotive and transportation applications Narrow fabrics - tapes to reinforce pipes and other composite structures Braided sleeves and tubes - automotive and sports and leisure applications Thermal insulation - in fire blankets and other insulation fabrics 3D fabrics - for use in transportation, marine or aerospace Woven fabrics - aerospace, architectural, automotive — Our manufacturing plants are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 requirements Pallet dimensions (L x W x H): — 120 cm x 115 cm x 100 cm (47,24 in. x 45,28 in. x 39,37 in.) Max. net weight per pal

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YOUR SALES CONTACT America/Asia/Australia Saint-Gobain Vetrotex America 8936 NorthPointe Executive Park Drive, Suite 165 Huntersville, NC 28078, USA Phone: +1 704-895-5906 Fax: +1 704-895-5937 E-mail: vetrotex@saint-gobain.com TD37 YarnProduct Information Product Range Specific Requirements In case of high demanding applications, VETROTEX offers its TD37 product range as well in a size migration free version. These products are identified by size indication TD37SC. Storage, Shelf Life, Processing Conditions The product should be stored in its original packaging in dry conditions away from direct sunbeam....

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