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Widestar 24/7 - 8 Pages

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Widestar 24/7
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Catalogue excerpts

Widestar 24x7 Widestar 24x7 is created to cover the necessities of companies that have a constant load of work 365x24x7. Its main features provide functionality and technicality to a working environment. Its versatility allows regulating each working space according to the operators' needs. Widestar 24x7 is thought for technical areas, where 24x7 routines management is required, such as: Rail Operations Centers Traffic Control Room Air Navigation Facilities Crisis rooms Command Posts Other Critical Operations Control Environment The structural design of Widestar 24x7 adapts the working space to...

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General Specifications The main structure It is formed by the union of four horizontal columns and two metal side frames. On the front it has a compact phenolic panel and it is manufactured in two different widths 1200mm and 1500mm . boards, to avoid possible clamp-crush with the lifting structure, considering this distance safe enough, but taking into account that the maintenance of this furniture has to be performed by a professional. Flexibility It also includes on the upper part two metal pieces, one of them to hold the cable chain holder of the lifting column and the other one a phenolic...

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Widestar24x7 at a Glance Metallic structure It is made of laminated and folded steel sheet of 1.5 mm thickness coated with RAL 7021 micro-textured Epoxy paint. It has four chromium plated feet screwed on the edges of the structure which allow levelling the structure. It is manufactured in two widths 1200 or 1500 mm. Two columns They are fixed on the front to support the working surface. They are formed by (fixed and height regulated) columns and an aluminum extrusion profile in the front with some metal pieces that are used to connect them with the board. The lifting columns mechanism is activated...

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Other Accessories Trays They are thought to install the PDUs that will be used by operators. They are mounted on the lower part of the inner structure and they can be fixed or removable. Removable Tray Two telescopic guides fixed on the side allows extracting the tray. These guides can support up to 45Kg and have an extended length of 406mm. Table drawer This small drawer it is designed to organize small and personal objtects, It can be mounted on both sides of the console under the working surface. Fixed Tray This tray is mounted directly on the structure having side accesses with embedded brushes...

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Advantages and Special Details To create Widestar 24x7 we took into account aesthetic and functionality. to regulate the LED lights, changing its colours and intensity. The use of fine mechanisms like the Soft-close system used for doors and for the upper lid on top of the board, which provides easy opening and closing, smooth movement completely noiseless , the lifting columns system that has a braking mechanism to have a gentle board regulation, it is used a remote control with a display that shows any failure during the lifting. Widestar 24x7 can be customized with the client logo or corporate...

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Meeting Tables The structure design of these meeting tables is completely opened and includes metallic ducts to mount any type of PDUs or any other type of accessories needed. On both sides of the structure it is fixed support feet made of phenolic and painted in graffiti 0077, these embellishers include a customizable logo panel. On top of the structure has a 13mm embellisher painted in graffiti 0077, this embellisher is used to cover the connectivity bar which is completely customized according to the data sockets needed. Measurement (WxHxD) All our meeting tables have the same finishes as Widestar...

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