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SAIFOR specialized furniture is the perfect solution for any control or command room. It is finished with different colours, ranging from a simple and resistant white phenolic to warmer tones or hardwood, achieving the perfect harmony with the environment. Consoles, complimentary furniture, meeting or crisis tables, reception desk, ergonomic accessories that have exclusive finishes and fine details, specially made for mission critical environment, transforming them into a state-of-the-art area. El mobiliario especializado de SAIFOR es la solucion perfecta para cualquier sala de control o...

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An efficient workplace requires furniture that supports a constant load of work and that creates a harmony between the needs of the environment and the workers' needs. SAIFOR's specialized furniture provides advantages that transform any environment into an efficient place, optimizing and minimizing costs. Advantages Practical High-end aesthetics High-end finishes High end fit and high quality materials Little details transform anything into quality, but for SAIFOR quality is not a detail it is a need. Un area de trabajo requiere un mobiliario que soporte una carga constante y que armonice...

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Resistant and functional This state-of-the-art console includes a wide lightweight durable board made of phenolic that is combined with a resistant and stable structure, with an interior cabinet to house and secure the equipment. Having this interior cabinet in the structure allows the operators to have a perfect and individual control of the equipment. The configuration of this cabinet allows and easy access for fitting and maintenance. Consola de última generación que incluye un tablero amplio y ligero, hecho con fenólico y con una estructura estable, además de un armario interior para...

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This range of console has been designed with the highest ergonomic standards; it allows the operators to regulate the height of the board while working, changing their position at any time. This new mechanism boosts wellness in the working area. it has been proven that changing postures while working can help to avoid fatigue, injuries and improve health and efficiency. With WideSTAR sit/stand console, the operators can adjust the height of the console, letting them to change position without interrupting their work. Esta gama de consolas ha sido disenada bajo los mas altos...

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LIFTSTAR Change your position anytime. LiftSTAR was thought to match the angle of our bodies, using a curved design on the structure that provides us the perfect space while working standing up or sitting down, a column with an up/ down mechanism to adjust the height of the console and integrates the board and a cabinet to install the equipment inside the console. This console provides the perfect ergonomic solution that minimizes physical problems. LiftSTAR ha sido pensada para adaptarse al angulo de nuestro cuerpo, usando un diseno curvado en su estructura, lo que aporta un espacio...

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Flexibility, because it can be adapted to any shape and dimension both for individual configuration or multiple one. Extremely modular, it can be combined in any way possible. Its design goes beyond its look; it is a reflection of functionality and precision. Flexibilidad, porque puede ser adaptada a cualquier forma y dimension, tanto para configuraciones individuals como multiples. Extremadamente modular, porque puede combinarse de cualquier forma posible, con un diseno que va mas alla de su apariencia, es el reflejo de la funcionalidad y la precision.

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Ergonomics at any time while working. This console has a precise design, with a structure designed to allow a perfect control of the equipment and the viewing angles. This console can have a fixed or height adjustable board allowing the operator to change position while working. Ergonomia a cada momento mientras trabajas. Esta consola tiene un diseno preciso con una estructura disenada para tener un perfecto control de los equipos y de los angulos de vision. Ofrece configuraciones con tablero fijo o con altura regulable, para que el operador pueda cambiar de posicion mientras trabaja.

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The design of this console is fully modular with ergonomic features, including a low profile that allows the operators to have a perfect control of the viewing angles. This console also offers a fixed or height regulated board configurations. El diseno de esta consola es completamente modular con multiples caracteristicas ergonomicas, incluyendo un perfil bajo que permite a los operadores tener un control de los angulos de vision. Esta consola ofrece configuraciones de tablero fijo y de altura regulable.

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Our meeting tables besides the workspace and aesthetic offer channel cable tray, power and network connections. As all our specialized furniture our tables are easy to fit and install they can be customized and adapted to the shape of the working space. Our range of meeting and crisis tables is highly innovative with elements that work and integrate perfectly with the environment and which create a perfect interaction with the users. MEETING AND CRISIS ROOM SOLUTIONS Working masterpiece Nuestras mesas de reuniones, ademas del espacio de trabajo y la estetica, ofrecen canalizacion para...

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