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cubo - 27 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Energy efficiency in datacenter ARCTIC RACKS COOL UNITS, HDC+ units for aisles or racks. ROOF SYSTEMS, modular and scalable ROOF CABLE MANAGEMENT WIREX, the cleverest CABLE MANAGEMENT DOORS, airflows management and security POWER AND MONITORING, energy efficiency control RETROFIT, optimize investment costs CUBOX + SYSTEM. Free standing aisle containment system. RAISED FLOOR, high resistance and accessibility. Energy efficiency in datacenters The energy efficiency is one of the biggest challenges that datacenter infrastructures are facing today. The datacenters need to have constant measurements,...

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Why the cubo solutions? With SAIFOR’s CUBO solutions we create the containment defining thermal aisles, avoiding the mixture between the hot and cold air. This physical barrier allows to operate the Datacenter at a higher temperature range, optimizing the datacenter functions and providing operational and energy savings. Measure the datacenter energy, be efficient. The energy consumption has to be controlled, that is why constant measurement should be taken that allow us checking the operational efficiency of the infrastructure and the equipments. • We can only control and improve the things that...

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ROOF SYSTEMS, modular and scalable system. ROOF CABLE MANAGEMENT, organize and structure. RACK CABLE MANAGEMENT, high density cabling system integrated in CUBO system. ARCTIC RACKS, security COOL UNITS, cooling units for aisles or racks. FLOOR SYSTEMS, high POWER AND MANAGEMENT, control 06 energy efficient. DOORS SYSTEMS, airflows

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ARCTIC SERVER RACKS ARCTIC RACKS, security and protection for the equipments. ARCTIC racks are specially designed to be used in servers’ applications, offering security, stability, easy installation and maximum ventilation. They are manufactured in different depths that could be adapted to the needs of the infrastructure (800, 1000, 1200, and the specials of 1300 and 1400, which came with additional accessories in three different heights 24U, 42U and 47U). ARCTIC design allows installing any kind of server in the market, because it has a modern sliding mounting system that allows fitting the server...

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Building a Arctic racks ARCTIC SERVER RACKS Arctic racks models are manufactured in standard with different heights (24U,42U,47U), two widths (600mm and 800mm), four depths (600mm,800mm,1000mm,1200mm), with “ZERO U”, “ZERO AIRFLOW” and cable management. Optimize the space of the infrastructure. With the revolutionary SAIFOR sliding mount systems, it is possible to fix the mount in any depth position. At the same time, in case of installing different server models or brands, the racks can be equipped with partial rear mountings that provide 3 different depths inside the rack. Advanced cable system...

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COOL UNITS, HDC+ units for aisles or racks. 1 Open configuration operation, it is recommendable to combine the HDC+ Front units with the SAIFOR CUBO air containment system. 2 For greater efficiency of the system, the use of CUBO air containment is recommended to combine the HDC+ Side units with the SAIFOR CUBO air containment system. The constant progress in technology has created brand new, compact and powerful equipments, implying a direct increase of the energy and cooling consumption in a datacenter. Cooling is the main problem in datacenter, because 50% of the energy consumption is used by...

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Building a Features SCALABILITY Modular design allows for quick Power upgrade by adding additional fan modules. HIGH COOLING CAPACITY State-of-the-art design & the Best components to achieve best in class cooling capacity. ENERGY EFFICIENCY Complex algorithm to control operation & EC fan modules compliant with European standards ErP2015. REDUNDANCY & RELIABITY Dual Power infeed, independent power lines for each fan & Fail safe mode to keep operation independent of controller. FREE COOLING Specific design to work on high inlet water 12-20ºC temp maximizing free cooling operation. HUMIDIFICATION...

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HDC+ Side This design guarantees maximum airflow and the greatest operational performance in each machine, thus contributing to improve operations and availability per m2 in the data centre. HDC+ can work with high cooling water and air temperatures HDC+ 400 produces a maximum airflow of up to 10.350 m3/h, with a capacity of up to 71 kW, the values for HDC+ 300 being a maximum airflow of 7,050 m3/h, with a nominal capacity of up to 49.5 kW. Cool units Thanks to its state of the art heat exchanger, HDC+ can work with high cooling water and air temperatures, thus contributing to the overall efficiency...

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AUTOMATIC ROOF SYSTEM ROOF SYSTEMS, modular and scalable SAIFOR different roof systems are specially designed to avoid airflow loss inside the containment. They are manufactured with resistant and high quality materials, easy to install and maintenance, with different configuration options. The standard roof allows closing completely the top part of the aisle. This system is available with two different methacrylate panels, the transparent and the translucent facilitating that the lights from the room get into the aisle. Cabling duct system incorporates all the advantages of previous model, facilitating...

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Roof system STANDARD ROOF SYSTEM Panel roof system, modular and scalable, which allows an optimal control of the airflows inside the aisle, avoiding the mixing of the hot and cold air. This system allows sensors, detectors, alarms or extinction system inside the aisle. Available for different aisle widths. Adaptable to be used in retrofitting projects. AUTOMATIC ROOF SYSTEM Advantages Modular and scalable system Easy to install and maintenance Complete closing of the aisle, avoiding airflows losses or the unwanted mixture of air. EMERGENCY AUTOMATIC ROOF OPENING The panels are adapted to the length...

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CABLE MANAGEMENT ROOF CABLE MANAGEMENT, organized, structured SAIFOR offers as part of CUBO solutions an intelligent cable management system that allows organizing a great amount of cabling, longitudinal, transverse or vertical, regardless the infrastructure duct system, but allowing the communication between them. CUBO duct system can be at roof level or vertical in the rack interior, both solutions have an innovative design, to be installed easily and quick, which allows minimizing the installation time and providing a reduction of the costs. SAIFOR duct system for roof: This system is fitted...

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