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Catalogue excerpts

vented top area 260 or 560mm modules High capacity front equipment panel 4U to 24U*. Multiple modular configurations. Maximum comfort for the operators. Robust construction and high durability. Mobile 19" racks that allows an easy & fast maintenance. Covers and brushes to facilitate the cabling access. Internal cable ducts for a neat and safe cable management. Vented top area to exhaust heat from the inside equipment. Fix or adjustable board surfaces. Maximum ease of installation and maintenance. * according to models modular estructure Gran capacidad frontal para albergar equipos de 4U a 24U*....

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easy access for cable management maximum airflow adjustable board positions Adjustable board extendable cable duct total access to active equipment

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Ergo-noc ATC is a modern console concept specifically designed for air traffic control environments. Ergo-noc ATC consoles provides a high installation flexibility and a perfect vision of the monitors and take-off & landing runways. Ergo noc-ATC is the perfect tool for air traffic controllers, providing a comfortable and efficient environment, including safety and ergonomic features implicit in the performance of this high concentration job. Ergo-noc ATC, es una moderna aplicación para entornos específicos de control de tráfico aéreo. Estas nuevas consolas han sido diseñadas para proveer de flexibilidad...

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projects carried out in different countries in this field, backed by the numerous Saifor has built up extensive experience Consoles for radar rooms, control towers Total profile The adjustable version ensures that the operator maintains a fully ergonomic position while performing his job. La versión regulable garantiza que el operador mantiene siempre una posición totalmente ergonómica.

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atc 26o regulable lsatetv\^^Q Consolas para salas de radar, torres de control y de simulacion aeronautica. Saifor ha acumulado una amplia experiencia en este campo, con el respaldo de los numerosos proyectos que ha llevado a cabo en diferentes pai'ses de todo el mundo. The adjustable board includes a pair of lifting columns and an electronical command for its control. El modulo de tablero regulable incluye un par de columnas elevadoras y el mando electronico para su control.

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2 FANS MODULE LOW NOISE STEEL COVER VENTED COVER BRACKET for LA2-1/ LA2-4 FAMILY SUPPORT BRACKET for LA2-6 FAMILY SUPPORT BRACKET for LA3-320 FAMILY SUPPORT BRACKET for LA3-420 / 321 / 421 FAMILY SUPPORT * for more supports info visit www.ergonoc.com TFT Supports & Ergonomic chairs Soportes TFT’s y Sillas ergonómicas The multi-function SAIFOR LCD Monitor Arm Series inspires the spirit of the working environment, making workers more satisfied and productive. The CXO chair offers a refreshingly cool look that will enhance any office environment. The simplicity of design and function makes this ergonomic...

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SAIFOR S.L. Global Headquarters • WORLDWIDE Sales Poligono Industrial La Plana, nave 4 08785 VALLBONA D’ANOIA (Barcelona) SPAIN Tel. +34 937 718 338 ■ Fax +34 937 718 447 Email: saifor@saifor.com ■ www.saifor.com SAIFOR France S.A.R.L. Country Sales Office • FRANCE Zone Industrielle des Glaises 9, Rue Salvador Allende 91120 PALAISEAU - France Tel. +33 01 69191290 ■ Fax +33 01 69191291 Email : saifor@saifor.fr ■ www.saifor.fr SAIFOR Benelux bvba Country Sales Office • BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS & LUXEMBOURG Prins Boudewijnlaan 17, unit 4 2550 Kontich ■ Belgium Tel. +32 3 444 05 00 ■ Fax +32 3 444 05...

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