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ARCTIC 3.0 - 13 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

CONTENTS    ARCTIC 3.0 The Final Rack page 04 © Saifor A rising player    page    20 Certifications, Directives and Quality Assurances. All products shown in this catalog have been designed and manufactured pursuant to the following certifications and directives: • UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 • UNE EN ISO 14001:2004 • EC 60297 • EIA/ECA-310-E • EMAS Regulation (EC) No. 1221/2009 • Machine Directive 2006/42/EC • Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC (LVD) 5niFDR All products shown in this catalog have been designed and manufactured pursuant to the following certifications and directives: SAIFOR is a leader...

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ARCTIC 3.0 THE FINAL RACK ARCTIC 3.0 The Final Rack ADAPTABILITY The ARCTIC 3.0 rack is designed to meet all data center installation, operation and maintenance needs. This highly versatile and functional rack is capable of satisfying the needs of the most modern and demanding DCs. These 19” racks are manufactured following an approach that aims to optimize cooling and cable management. EVOLUTION The ARCTIC 3.0 is the natural successor of the ARCTIC V2 rack. Thanks to the market feedback obtained during the service life of its forerunner, the ARTIC 3.0 has undergone a full range of improvements...

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CABLE ACCESS Cables can be accessed either from the top or the bottom through openings on the sides. Increased cable inlet cross-section. MOUNT AND CABLE TRAYS Several positions in which to adjust the depth of the 19” Mounts and vertical cable trays. Depth position marks on the rack. 6 SIDE PANELS Easy to take down. There is only one central snap fixing point. The panels can be snap closed. They can be optionally locked for safety purposes. CASTERS AND FEET Delivery casters fitted to the cabinet. Easy and ergonomic access to adjust the leveling of feet. Rated static load bearing capacity ≤ 1,500...

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2U VERTICAL ZERO AIRFLOW TOP ACCESSORIES ZERO AIRFLOW 3 RADIUS + BRUSHES VERTICAL CABLE TRAY CANALETA: It allows the cabling inside cableado be organized. Permite la organización delthe rack todentro del rack. Designed for mounting de anillas, “spools”, para Diseñada para montaje rings, spools and PDUs and direct flanging. embridaje directo y para montaje de PDUs. BRUSHES VENTED STEEL DOORS DOUBLE STEEL SIDE PANEL CABLE ENTRIES BOTTOM COVERS STEEL DOUBLE VENTED

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DOORS MODELS ARCTIC 3.0 DOORS MODELS HANDLE RANGE GThe doors come in several models: vented; glass; steel; single or double. They meet all reguired needs or configurations. All our doors are very light and rigid and have a new elegant design. Double doors allow for a smaller opening gap, so they are ideal for narrow corridors. CENTER BELT The logo can be customized. Available in a backlit LED version and a screen printed version. VENTED DOOR STEEL DOOR VENTED DOUBLE DOOR STEEL DOUBLE DOOR HANDLES Available with two types of locks: 1 point and 4 points. Multiple safety options: Keyed cylinder;...

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The 19” ZERO AIRFLOW mount provides an impassable barrier for the air flows inside the rack. It keeps the consumption of the data center’s cooling system down to a minimum. The 19” NET mount is designed to maximize cable capacity and optimize cable management. TOP SECTION D: The depth-adjustment distance of the ZERO AIRFLOW mount (112 mm). 3 4 QUICK-FIT BLANKING PANELS MOUNT ADJUSTMENT The depth of the mount’s position can be easily adjusted. Optionally, this adjustment can be done without tools. The vertical mount units are laser marked 2UX3 19” ZERO AIRFLOW MOUNT The 19” NET mounts can be turned...

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CABLE MANAGEMENT CABLE MANAGEMENT CABLE MANAGEMENT This rack has a wide variety of accessories available for organazing the vertical and horizontal cabling. Proper cable management will not only keep the equipment tidy but will also provide for greater natural ventilation and a comfortable and efficient cable management. VERTICAL CABLE TRAYS 19” Mounts and cable trays have a smart die cut pattern for installing a great variety of accessories. 1 4 5 2 TOP CABLING COVER Top and bottom cable entries have been made along the sides to keep the central space clear of any obstacles, thereby improving...

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THERMAL MANAGEMENT THERMAL MANAGEMENT THERMAL MANAGEMENT 3 ARCTIC 3.0 The ZERO AIRFLOW solutions avoid undersired flows inside the racks while at the same time increasing the cooling efficiency, thus bringing down on the installation’s energy bills. BRUSH A new, tighter cable inlet brush having a greater cross-section. 19” ZERO AIRFLOW MOUNTS They prevent air flows inside the rack. They are compatible with 600 mm- and 800 mm-wide racks. 19” QUICK FIT BLANKING PANELS A solid panel which is easy to install and remove without using tools. It is used to seal gaps. Available in 1U and 3U. 5 SIDE PANEL...

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SAIFOR, A RISING PLAYER SAIFOR, A RISING PLAYER Mission: To find technical solutions for the industrial sector and its production processes through the use of new technologies and materials. To design, produce and customize high-quality products to create unique solutions that meet the most exacting requirements of any data center or control room infrastructure. To ensure constant and sustained growth, with a focus on quality improvement and innovation. To develop a diversified client base, covering different sectors to ensure stability. To proactively search for and consolidate the relationship...

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SAIFOR, A RISING PLAYER SAIFOR, A RISING PLAYER SAIFOR is fully committed to corporate environmental responsibility and has a policy of constant investment in technological resources to contribute to environmental protection and develop plans to prevent and reduce pollution and other environmental impacts, which are implemented in its production processes. Such activities are carried out on three major fronts: water control, energy control, and use of environmentally safe materials. EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is a voluntary compliance EU standard that recognizes the efforts of organizations...

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