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XRD 3500

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EXPLOSIVES DETECTION DOWN TO THE MOLECULAR SIGNATURE The XRD 3500™ system is a further development of the XES 3000™ explosives detection system (EDS) based on X-ray diffraction (XRD) technology, which identifies material based on its molecular composition. The XRD 3500 system also offers highly focused screening capability for areas in bags identified as possible threats by previous screening equipment. The XRD 3500 system uses alarm location data, acquired from bag images collected by an EDS positioned earlier in the Baggage Handling System (BHS), to focus on a subsection of the bag. This ability to focus on a limited threat area greatly increases the throughput of the XRD system. The XRD 3500 system is designed to resolve alarms from other explosives detection systems without depending on operators and other time-consuming procedures. This can result in a significant increase in overall detection rates and reduced processing time for passenger baggage, while significantly reducing operating costs. Benefits • Unsurpassed X-ray based detection increases overall detection rates • Fulfills EU standard 3 requirements for explosives detection systems • No human interference reduces the utilization of operators • Improves the resolution of suspect items • Reduces overall operating costs • Provides customizable, dynamic threat libraries based on customer requirements • Minimizes the number of bags that require reconciliation • Application for drug i

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EXPLOSIVES DETECTION DOWN TO THE MOLECULAR SIGNATURE X-ray diffraction patterns determine the crystal structures of materials. As the only XRD supplier, Morpho Detection uses this technology in the XRD 3500 system to discriminate explosives and drugs from innocuous materials in passenger luggage. As a non-imaging technology, XRD uses these diffraction patterns as a virtual “fingerprint” for the identification of a broad variety of explosives and drugs. Unsurpassed X-ray Based Detection — Lowest False Alarm Rates With its full automation and unsurpassed detection rates, the XRD 3500 system...

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