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MorphoPersoSafran - national & resident identity cards solutions

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MORPHO NATIONAL & RESIDENT IDENTITY CARD SOLUTIONS CUSTOMIZABLE END-TO-END SOLUTIONS FOR SECURE, RELIABLE IDENTITIES We live in an ever more connected world, one in which digital technology is leading the way to greater mobility and all the challenges and opportunities that this brings. One set of challenges is that faced by governments in issuing citizens with secure, reliable identity cards. An identity card must prove beyond any doubt the genuineness and the uniqueness of the holder’s identity. Government and the private sector both rely on this. It is this that forms the basis of trust through which people are granted rights, privileges and services, both online and face-to-face. Morpho has delivered over 2.8 billion secure identity documents worldwide(1). Our ID card solutions counter identity forgery and impersonation, in full compliance with laws, international standards and privacy requirements. Moreover, Morpho’s ID card solution includes all the necessary features for secure and convenient access to online services. We are your No. 1 partner in meeting ID management challenges. (1)

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MORPHO NATIONAL & RESIDENT IDENTITY CARD SOLUTIONS CUSTOMIZABLE END-TO-END SOLUTIONS FOR SECURE, RELIABLE IDENTITIES With more than 50 government programs worldwide, Morpho is the only company with all necessary resources and expertise in house. We, at Morpho, are dedicated to understanding governments' specific needs and the challenges they face. We support public authorities at every crucial step of any national ID or resident card project: Project definition, including: • Consulting: definition and dimensioning of the solution, encompassing all aspects of the project - technical...

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A TRUSTED PARTNER AT THE SERVICE OF GOVERNMENTS To date, Morpho has delivered more than 2.8 billion secure identity documents. Here we present three examples of Morpho's long-lasting partnerships, highlighting our unrivalled expertise in identity programs. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: ONE OF THE FIRST FULLY FEATURED SMARTCARDS Morpho supports the Emirates IDentity Authority (EIDA) in modernizing and securing the national identity system. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has embarked on a modernization of its identity management system. It is a move to bring both nationals and residents into the...

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CARTT OTOeMTTTF MORPHO NATIONAL & RESIDENT IDENTITY CARD SOLUTIONS CUSTOMIZABLE END-TO-END SOLUTIONS FOR SECURE, RELIABLE IDENTITIES THE NETHERLANDS: SETTING NEW STANDARDS TO COUNTER IDENTITY FRAUD Morpho provides the Dutch government with the latest generation ID card solution to anticipate and counter identity fraud . The Netherlands is a highly modern European Union country and they demanded effective measures to counter the most common threat to the security of ID cards: photo substitution. In June 2014, the government authority renewed its confidence in Morpho by awarding a contract to...

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Morpho provides Albania with a full end-to-end solution, from electronic identity card (elD) design right through to secure access to eGov services. In 2008, Albania signed a 5 year BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) contract with ALEAT - a joint venture between Morpho and the Albanian American Enterprise Fund (AAEF) - to modernize the country's identity system™, reduce costs and fight fraud. To meet the 2009 parliamentary election deadline, Morpho succeeded, in just five months, in deploying this ambitious identity project. It entailed: • Creating the ALEAT joint venture; • Building and...

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CUSTOMIZABLE END-TO-END SOLUTIONS FOR SECURE, RELIABLE IDENTITIES Morpho designs and develops a wide range of ID cards, with different cryptographic features, in various materials and over all possible communication interfaces (contact, contactless, dual). Selecting one ID card type depends on requirements such as security level, future use of the card or economic constraints. Morpho provides a complete portfolio consisting of: Chipless card: offering physical security features such as 3D photo and hologram. IDeal Citiz™ Air: an entry-level version of the IDeal Citiz smartcard family, it...

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CUSTOMIZABLE END-TO-END BUSINESS PROCESS A modern approach and methodology Morpho manages all aspects of a fully customized, end-to-end, secure identity management program. We cover the whole process to: • Issue trusted identities; • Embed and integrate identities into secure smartcards and systems; • Enable and manage the use of identities. Our identity solution is delivered as a set of modules that are independent and fully scalable. Each project is a combination of one or several modules of the identity management suite. Modules can be integrated into an existing business process or a...

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CUSTOMIZABLE END-TO-END SOLUTIONS FOR SECURE, RELIABLE IDENTITIES IDENTITY REGISTRATION IDENTITY VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION IDENTITY CREATION & MANAGEMENT FOR THE CIVIL REGISTRY In la la la la la la la During initial registration, knowing the applicant is a vital part of building a robust and reliable civil registry. After acquisition of personal data, background verifications are performed on the applicant's identity uniqueness and eligibility, in compliance with local regulations and privacy laws. After identity validation, a unique applicant identifier is created, with personal data...

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Once the right to an identity document is granted, we need to create a reliable, durable, secure, personalized identity card. Before issuance of the ID card, we perform further identity verification to ensure we are delivering the card to the rightful owner. As soon as an order to produce a card is received, we track and trace its status: • Has it been produced? • Has it been sent to the remote issuance site? • Has it been delivered to its rightful owner? We also manage the card throughout its life: • Has it expired? • Was it stolen? • When should it be renewed? Main capabilities: • Data...

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