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AIRBUS A320neo CARBON BRAKE Thirty years after introducing carbon brakes on commercial jets, Safran Landing Systems is the world’s leading supplier of A320 carbon brakes, equipping over 70% of the worldwide fleet. SAFRAN LANDING SYSTEMS A320neo CARBON BRAKE: GREATER PERFORMANCE FOR THE SAME WEIGHT Safran Landing Systems carbon brakes for A320neo feature more carbon without impact on shipset weight compared to the existing equipment. These carbon brakes offer higher performance (better energy absorption), faster cooldown, for shorter faster turnaround time (TAT) and increased fleet availability. FEWER PARTS FOR GREATER RELIABILITY, REDUCED WEIGHT AND MAINTENANCE The new A320neo carbon brake features extended piston stroke for a longer brake life and no chain design. Moreover the A320neo brake includes fewer hydraulic pistons (-28% than existing equipment) and is no longer fitted with a rear plate. This ensures the best brake design to optimize shipset weight and operating costs. BETTER VENTILATION FOR BETTER COOLING In addition to more carbon, the new wheel design allows better ventilation (+44%) for better cooling. NEO/CEO COMMONALITY With the same interface on the main landing gear, Safran Landing Systems A320neo wheels and carbon brakes are compatible with the A320ceo. Airlines deploying several different A320ceo/neo models will be able to manage their wheels and brakes more efficiently, decreasing inventory and reducing expenses. TODAY’S MOST ECO-FRIENDLY HYDRAULIC BRAKE > Cadmium-free > Chrome-free > Beryllium-free > Asbestos-free SEPCARB®III OR, THE BEST SELLING CARBON BRAKE Over 7,000 commercial jetliners in service are fitted with Safran Landing Systems' SEPCARB®III OR (oxidation resistant). These brakes also feature the Anoxy 66 antioxidation coating to guarantee longer brake service life, even under intensive use, and better resistance to oxidation caused by the runway de-icers. Follow us on: © @SafranLandingS 03 Safran Landing Systems

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