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220eh - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

SAFEAERO 220EH The one-person operated de-icer The SAFEAERO 220EH with its enormous operational radius (nozzle reach horizontal 14 m, vertical over 22 m and operator´s eye height 16 m) and its very compact size, make it the ideal de-icer to perform deicing operations on aircrafts ranging from turboprops up to the new Airbus A380. The uniqueness of this product lies in the fact that this machine was designed specifically for one person operation. This eliminates communication problems between operator and driver and operating costs are significantly lower than a truck mounted two person operated...

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Engine/Transmission The SAFEAERO 220EH vehicle has as standard equipment a single four-cycle water-cooled diesel engine. The engine offers adequate power required for all functions and operates well below the maximum power rating.The starting and stopping of the engine is simply accomplished by way of a single ignition key. The vehicle is equipped with hydrostatic drive, for smooth acceleration and driving comfort. Chassis/Brakes The chassis is specially designed for the SAFEAERO 220EH. It is equipped with a springloaded front axle, with an excellent turning radius (only 7,2 m) and is equipped...

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Operator’s cabin The cabin is specially designed for the de-icer operators. Emphasis is placed on good ergonomics and simple operation and manoeuvring, instrument positioning and operator’s view. A large touch screen monitor provides the operator with all necessary information. The cabin is completely enclosed and provides space for one operator and one instructor. The cabin is provided with forced air heating and ventilation. The cabin has large windows, giving the operator maximum view in all directions. The window frames are narrow to allow maximum operator visibility. The windows have parallel...

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Computer/controller system One of the leading innovations is a computerized system with a touch screen monitor. The heart of this system is a CPU which controls all functions of the de-icer. This system provides a full diagnostic and faultfinding feature for all main systems and components. The touch screen monitor is the main interface between the operator and the de-icer and provides an excellent State-of-the-art computer technology overview for the operator and the maintenance personnel. If the de-icer is equipped with the optional CMS deicing coordinator system, the processor manages all communication...

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Mixing system for maximum savings The mixing system for water and ADF is equipped with: • Automatic mixing alarm if the mixture deviates more than -0/+3% from the set value. • Mixture setting either ”stepless” from 4 to 75% for maximum saving of ADF or a fixed mixture setting of separate choices e.g. 0/25/50/75/100% is also available. • A double mixing system is available which allows mixing between water and Type I as well between water and Type II/IV fluids • The mixing ratio is automatically adjusted according to the temperature (two temperature sensors mounted on de-icer) or can be entered...

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Emergency systems A battery powered emergency pump is connected to the hydraulic system. Start/stop switches are positioned in a separate cabinet.The switches can be reached from the outside of the vehicle and inside the operator’s cabin. Four emergency stop switches are installed, three outside of the vehicle and one in the cabin. Operating safety No operator communication problem as SAFEAERO 220 is fully optimized for one-person operation. Ultrasonic sensors are installed for added collision avoidance. Excellent operator visibility in all directions through large side, front and rear windows...

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TECHNICAL DATA SAFEAERO 220EH 2,85 m 8,55 m 3,5 m 19300 kg 8400 l 3,8 m 7,2 m 18 m 1,7 m 16 m 22 m 14 m ± 90º 4-8,3 m +70º-120º ±90º 250 mm Speed Driving speed Driving speed with raised or extended boom Pumping Capacity De-icing flow rate Anti-icing flow rate Wind stability Maximum velocity Cabin Maximum load capacity All technical data are subject to change without notice. Safeaero i Trelleborg AB, Sweden • phone +46 410-140 50 • fax +46 410-451 25 info@safeaero.com • www.safeaero.com layout: typiskt typografiskt ab • www.typiskt.nu • foto: Safeaero • october 2009 Dimensions Width Chassis length...

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