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SAAB 340/2000 > SECURING THE FUTURE OF THE SAAB 340 AND 2000 GLOBAL SUPPORT WHEREVER YOU ARE Saab provides, and will continue to provide, effective support to both small and large operators across the world Saab offers a complete turnkey solution, providing comprehensive, cost-effective support to all types of operators Saab offers comprehensive technical and logistical support, along with the ability to upgrade the aircraft As the original manufacturer of the Saab 340 and 2000 we have a deep knowledge of our regional aircraft fleet and are committed to its long-term future. As part of our...

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SAAB 340/2000 > THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR AIRCRAFT SAAB 340/2000 > VALUE-ADDING UPGRADES THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR AIRCRAFT VALUE-ADDING UPGRADES The appearance and comfort of an aircraft makes a real difference to passengers. A relaxing, modern environment will help operators build loyalty among their customers, encouraging them to come back again and again. The exterior of the aircraft is similarly important. A bold, modern exterior presents a positive image to passengers, again strengthening customer perceptions of the operator as a reliable, dependable, forward-looking company. At Saab, we’re...

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SAAB 340/2000 > REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS SAAB 340/2000 > LOGISTICS AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT KEEPING YOU AT THE CUTTING EDGE The regulatory environment governing the aviation sector continues to evolve, with international authorities issuing new guidance on the systems that aircraft need in order to fly. This drives demand for ongoing modification and upgrading of aircraft – services which Saab is ideally placed to provide for both the Saab 340 and the Saab 2000. As the original manufacturer of the aircraft, we work to make sure they are up to date and meet the latest regulatory standards. With...

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SAAB 340/2000 > SAAB 340 NAVIGATION > NAVIGATION SAAB 340B THE FLEXIBLE PERFORMER The Saab 340B is a favourite among aircraft passengers, offering flexibility, comfort and reliability, while operators also value it for its cost-effective performance capabilities. Highly dependable and with low operational costs, the aircraft has consistently generated profits for a wide range of regional air transport services. These attributes make the Saab 340B an attractive proposition for operators. The technical specifications of the aircraft are given below: SAAB 340B TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OVERVIEW...

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SAAB 2000 COMBINING SPEED AND ECONOMY SAAB 2000 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OVERVIEW The Saab 2000 combines reliable performance with low operating costs. As the fastest commercial turboprop on the market, with a maximum speed of 665 km/hr, it delivers jet speed at turboprop economy levels. SAAB 2000 AT A GLANCE HIGH PERFORMANCE 370KTAS Cruise, rapid journey times, high productivity Rapid climb, 10 minutes to 20,000 ft, comparable to large jet traffic Commercially viable range capability of 1,000 nm in 3 hours, combining flexibility and cost-effectiveness 1,200 m field length, offering access...

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