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Catalogue excerpts


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PREPARED WHATEVER THE CHALLENGES is covered by water. More than 90% of the world’s trade is dependent on sea freight. Nearly two-thirds of the world’s population lives in coastal areas. When seaborne trade and human activities in the coastal zone expand, so do the threats. Piracy, oil pollution, illegal fishing and other criminal activities create new and growing demands on maritime security and safety. Airborne surveillance is key to maritime superiority. With Saab’s new Maritime Surveillance Aircraft – the Saab 340 MSA – you will access a complete airborne operational system providing every...

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SAFEGUARDING YOUR WATERS is the ideal system for maritime surveillance. It brings outstanding performance and invaluable support to all kinds of surveillance and SAR operations, transport missions and the fight against illegal activities within your maritime domain. It’s a very capable multi-role aircraft that constitutes a powerful extension of your maritime surveillance capabilities, complementing your naval or land-based surveillance solutions. The aircraft can operate from short airfields and its auxiliary fuel capabilities allow for missions up to 9 hours or 2000 NM range. This means that...

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SECURING MARITIME DOMAIN AWARENESS Secure-AIS Saab’s R4 A – Airborne AIS Transponder significantly improves situational awareness in surveillance operations and Search and Rescue (SAR). Voice and Data link SATCOM The flexible and modular Satellite Communication system provide applications such as VPN, e-mail, telephone, Internet browsing and video streaming, over the Intenet Protokoll (IP). is a complete airborne operational system using the latest maritime products and technologies available. The heart of the 340 MSA is the Mission Management System. With a number of on-board sensors connected...

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COMMUNICATION BEYOND BOUNDARIES The ability to detect, classify and identify maritime objects and to handle information effectively in real time is key to maritime domain awareness. To ensure these capabilities the Saab 340 MSA is equipped with Secure-AIS and SATCOM providing both voice and data link communication. The mission system is also integrated with the Cockpit Multi Functional Display and Flight Management System, which makes interaction with the pilots reliable, agile and efficient. THIS IS HOW IT WORKS Detection > classification > identification Beyond-Line-of-Sight: satcom Line-of-Sight:...

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GLOBALLY SUPPORTED The Saab 340 Maritime Surveillance Aircraft is a globally supported security asset. Our support offer includes a wide range of services designed to improve availability and reduce costs – 24/7, all year round. BUILT FOR EXCELLENCE The Saab 340 MSA is designed to provide maximum performance at minimum cost. Based on the well-proven Saab 340 airliner the aircraft is built as standard with enhanced structural and system life. To date, only a small part of its technical and economic life span has been utilised. When transformed into a Maritime Surveillance Aircraft the airliner...

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THE SPECIALMISSION AIRCRAFT EXPERIENCE SAAB 340 MSA FACTS AND FIGURES Key Performance Data Max endurance 6:30 h:min / 9:00 h:min* Max range 1,300 nm / 2,000 nm* Time on station 4:15 h:min / 6:15 h:min* (At 200 nm EEZ) Time to climb 10,000 ft 5 min Max cruise speed 265 knots Patrol speed 140 knots Take-off distance 1,350 m Service ceiling 25,000 ft * Auxillary Fuel Tank not only requires know-how about aircraft development and manufacturing. It is equally important to have expertise in situational awareness, communications and system-of-systems integration. At Saab we have it all. And we are constantly...

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