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KEY INFORMATION AT A GLANCE WITH PARATUS MAP Fast, clear callout information for emergency service crews. Paratus Map receives its information either straight from the command & control centre via network or by radio. The information is presented in both text and map form. Ideal for large-screen displays inside the emergency vehicle station. Giving staff up-to-the-minute information is widely recognised as an important factor in minimising stress and ensuring clarity in an alarm situation. Paratus Map is a special display for inside the emergency vehicle base station which shows the key details of the emergency call in text on one side of the screen, with the target address shown on the map section alongside. Show vehicle positions Paratus Map is able to display on its map image the location of all vehicles which transmit their positions back to base. This helps the crew manager to gain a quick understanding of where the emergency site is, relative to the resources available. Poll vehicles for their positions The system allows you to check where other vehicles are, even if they are not constantly transmitting their positions back to you. You simply select the vehicle from your vehicle list, then one click of a button is all it takes to fetch its position information (assuming you are authorised to do so - if not, the vehicle will not respond to your query). Communicate with vehicles in the field In addition to receiving position information, Paratus Map supports two-way text communication with any vehicles equipped with Paratus Pocket Navigation or Paratus Mobile System. More information for a better overview For faster orientation on a given map, you can choose to superimpose the locations of certain pre-selected sites or objects. This could, for example, be the locations of all the fire stations in the region, to give you a quick overview. It can be very valuable if you have to call for reinforcements from another station and you wish to see where their resources are.

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Add information to map display You can add information directly to the map image, either by displaying information from the map store such as high-risk installations or premises with automatic alarms, or by adding information of a less permanent kind such as temporary road closures or perhaps a school currently being used for emergency overnight accommodation. CAN BE LINKED TO MANY SYSTEMS Paratus Map can be linked with other alarm notification systems on the market. Paratus Map can also receive alarm calls directly from the emergency command & control centre. POLLING AND TEXT COMMUNICATION Paratus...

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