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Catalogue excerpts

CABIN UPGRADE FOR SAAB 340 & SAAB 2000 UPGRADE SOME CRITICAL COMPONENTS The airline industry is all about selling seats, and having passengers enjoy their trip in one of your aircraft is essential. That is why comfortable seats in a fresh looking cabin are crucial to your “bottom” line. The ACRO seats are lighter, cheaper to maintain and will increase the available legroom considerably raising your passengers comfort level. Another component vital to your cabins appearance is the lighting. Switching from fluorescent tubes to LED-lights will rejuvenate your passenger’s flight experience with it´s crisp, bright, clean look. Upgrading to LED-lights will also reduce maintenance costs, power consumption and installed weight while at the same time increasing safety by eliminating ballasts. The final piece of the puzzle is to fit our new, light-weight carpet that will not only save weight but also cut down on maintenance due to its excellent durability and quick Velcro-installat

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Seat weights    Single Double (rated 16G) Superlight Fixed 13,1 kg. 22,5 kg. (rated 9G) Typical old Recline 15,3 kg. 27,7 kg. (rated 16G) Improve customer experience Many Saab 340 and Saab 2000 aircraft have been flying for decades. Upgrading the seats will make a huge difference to how your customers perceive the cabin, and ultimately you as an operator. The new seats have a slim-line, ergonomic seat back that cradles and supports the passenger as he or she sits comfortably against the seat cushion. Lower maintenance cost The seat covers are made of E-Leather, an elegant looking material that...

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LED LIGHTING Improve customer experience The quality of your aircraft’s ambient lighting is key to a calming on-board environment. The improved color temperature and increased light flow from LED lighting compared to fluorescent tubing will transform the interior and improve the customer experience which in the long run translates into increased customer loyalty - and profit for your business. Long lifespan - reduce maintenance With a specified minimum of 60.000 hours use without color shift or light output degradation, the maintenance cost for your aircraft will be reduced when switching to LED's. Reduce...

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LANTAL CARPETS Lower weight The new Lantal carpet has a conditioned weight of 1.200g/m2 shedding up to 7,8 kg. compared to other carpets when installed in a Saab 2000 and 4.6 kg. in a Saab 340. Tough and durable The ultra-light carpet is very durable to withstand everyday wear and tear for many flights. Flammability, smoke/toxicity Lantal carpets are permanently flame resistant in accordance with FAR 25.853, 12 sec. vertical and meet the Airbus and Boeing specifications for smoke and toxicity. Eliminate static This is the first aircraft carpets whose electrostatic propensity permanently remains well...

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