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Catalogue excerpts

The product is intended for express inspection, court expertise, diagnostic tests and forensic examination of metal surface with the purpose of authenticity verification and detection of vehicle identification numbers falsifications.

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Regula 7516 is a portable complex in a protective case. It comprises a magnetic powder visualizer, an electrochemical etcher, an eddy-current detector, auxiliaries and consumables, an optical probe with an oblique light source. The complex can be used either as a separate device for non-/destructive examination of metal surface, or together with Regula 7505М expanding functionality of the latter. Functionality 1. The visualizer is intended for visualization of structural and relief inhomogeneity of material (e.g. internal stress zones, zones of local thermal effects, ferromagnetic materials, welded...

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forensic science systems Optical probe with an oblique light source • Field of view, mm — 50x60 (when the height is 50 mm) • Video camera frame size, pixels — 1600x 1200 ° oblique light source — 270x30x30 ° oblique light source — 0,16 • Power supply: ° oblique light source — from a battery of the torch 0 optical probe — from a USB port: ■ power supply voltage, V — 2,5 Magnetic powder visualizer • Size of the visualization area, mm, max — 160x20 • Dimensions of the remote magnetizer (lengthxwidthxheight when packed), mm, max — 125x80x30 Eddy-current detector • Maximal gap between the sensor and...

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Optical image in oblique light Magnetic powder visualization The result of Electro-chemical etching Powered by TCPDF (

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