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The reader is intended for automatic reading and authenticity verification of documents, reading data from the MRZ. The function of fingerprint scanning and verification is available.

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forensic science systems Regula 73x7 is a mobile compact size reader with a carrier for fixing it on the waist belt. The reader is designed in metal body. It is connected to a PC via a USB cable and does not require supplementary power supply. The device has no moving parts. It is reliable, convenient and easy to maintain. Regula 73x7 enables to read data from the MRZ in visible and infrared illumination. The MRZ reader can optionally be equipped with a module for reading RFID tags and a biometric fingerprint scanner. The device operation is controlled with the help of Regula Document Reader SDK. •...

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forensic science systems Biometric fingerprint scanner Optical MRZ data reader • Field of view, mm — 30x125 (the MRZ in a passport) ° frame size, pixels — 2048x1536 RFID reader for Regula 7327, 7337 • Supported standards — ISO 14443: RFID tags of type A and B • PC/SC protocol support • Data exchange rate, Kbaud — 106, 212, 424, 848 • Reading an RFID tag regardless of its position in a document • Anti-collision: reading an RFID tag according to the MRZ Biometric fingerprint scanner for Regula 7337 • Size of a window for scanning a fingerprint, mm — 16x24 • Frame size, pixels — 480x320 Technical...

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