Magneto-optical device for identification and detection of vehicle units numbers falsification Regula 7505M - 6 Pages

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Magneto-optical device for identification and detection of vehicle units numbers falsification Regula 7505M The device is intended for non-destructive examination of metal surface for authenticity verification and detection of VIN falsification, for restoration of original VIN and verification of vehicle related documents.

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Regula 7505M is constructed in a protective case as a mobile complex which comprises a USB device for magnetooptical imaging, a magnetic copying tool kit, a spectral luminescent magnifier Regula 4177. Functionality 1. Magnetic copying tool kit. The tool kit comprises a combination magnetic scanner-demagnetizer with a set of replaceable concentrators, magnetic tape clamps, magnetic tape cartridges, etc. making a copy of magnetic stray fields distribution over the object surface using magnetic tape. The copy displays relief and structural material inhomogeneity. demagnetizing magnetic tapes for...

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forensic science systems 1. The magnetic scanner records a magnetogram which is a recording of magnetic stray fields on magnetic tape. 2. The obtained magnetogram is placed in the USB device for magneto-optical imaging where the data about an object surface is read out. 3. The read-out data from the object surface is converted into a digital signal which is sent to a PC for examination and processing with the help of NUCA software. • Court expertise • Forensic departments • Law-enforcement agencies • Insurance companies • Car rental and leasing companies • Auto service centers • NUCA software •...

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forensic science systems Case with a USB device for magneto-optical imaging • Examined object material — ferromagnetic • Magnetic tape width, mm — 25,4 • Image file format — .BMP, .GIF, JPG, .PCX • Weight without a notebook, kg — 10 • Power supply voltage from a USB port, V — 2,5 Tool kit for magnetic copying • Magnetic tape length, mm — 250

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Press processing (calking) Filling symbols with tin (soldering) Filling plate with tin (soldering) Electric arc welding (joint stitch) Filling plate with polymer Punching of symbol, rotation, pressing in Corroded surface of plate Grinding surface of plate

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