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Management System Identification reference system «Autovin» Model year Assembly plant Enterior color Number engine Check digit Palmela [AutoEuropa] Manual. Automatic General view VINstamp location VINpiate iocation Technical data VINpiate stamp Autovin software is intended for identifying the type of a vehicle (e.g. a car, a truck, a bus, a motorcycle), its model, engine type, manufacturing date, etc. by decoding the vehicle

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forensic science systems The software is to be used for unambiguous identification of a vehicle on the basis of its VIN which is given to each model of a vehicle by the manufacturer in conformity with ISO 3779:1983. • Detailed information about a vehicle: ° engine type and its specifications ° technical data and additional information on certain models ■ color code and body color, ■ maximum total weight, etc. ° vehicle general view 0 location and application method of VIN ° type and location of VIN plate 0 engine number location Special features • Possibility to enter VIN by copying it from a...

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forensic science systems • Autovin software for vehicle identification numbers decoding • Software protection USB-dongle with a limited update license for providing access to Autovin software

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forensic science systems • Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 • Minimum HDD free space required — 32 GB

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forensic science systems Manual. Automatic VINstamp location VINplate location Technical data General interface General view VIN stamp location Vehicle general view, location and application method of VIN, type and location of VIN plate, engine number location

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Model year Assemble plant Exterior color Number engine Check digit Palmela (AutoEuropa) Petrol, Diesel Manual, Automatic Detailed information about a vehicle

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