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Catalogue excerpts

ID card reader Regula 7303 The document reader enables duplex scanning of ID-1 documents, e.g. ID cards, driving licences, bank cards, social security cards and other documents. The product is intended for automatic reading and authenticity verification of questioned documents. The device is equipped with a special module for magnetic stripe reading. The document reader provides the capability of text data recognition, reading barcodes and RFID tags.

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Regula 7303 is designed in plastic (IP30) body as a compact size device for desktop use. The reader is connected to a PC with the help of a USB cable. The document reader allows duplex scanning and capturing images of documents in white and infrared illumination, magnetic stripe reading. The device is optionally equipped with an RFID reader. Regula 7303 is supplied with a software development kit (SDK) for easy integration into existing end-user systems.

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forensic science systems Optical document reader • Light sources: • Number of magnetic tracks of the magnetic stripe reader, max — 3 RFID reader (optionally) • Supported standards — ISO 14443: RFID chips of type A and B • Data exchange rate, Kbaud — 106, 212, 424, 848 • Reading an RFID tag regardless of its position in the document • Anti-collision: reading an RFID tag according to the MRZ Device technical specifications • Power supply from an external source

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forensic science systems

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forensic science systems

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forensic science systems

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forensic science systems LATVIJAS REPUBLIKA PER SON AS APLIEClBA RFPUBLCOFLATVIA.'IDENTITY'HEFUBIJQ.UEDELETTCfciF CA.RTEDIDtNTlTf LATVIJAS REPUBLIKA PERSDNAS APLIEClBA REPUBLIC Of L»IVl« IDEM ITY CAPO | «E PU BLIOUE HE LIT 7 ON It CA BIM iOi NTITf f.rtoniHD ,'MfRi pirHmnf--LnaHist>ji' Snmr i-jri-dimit D*'«< lid V Oflfl .fi«Mi,rUs.« d"«Bifilion T ^ A.tuniyHiHhiyT.ill. DiMiun.fS.vJS PMLP RIGAS I.NODALA Peiionvirdi vssiuiiBii kvna y FSa Torn ol lh.. pfrHn'! HHTM OBRAZCOV S«ANDREJS<<<<<<<<<<« PMLP RiGAS I.NODALA f>« umtrdi wnuritt* tenia 1 ANDREJ OBRAZCOV Duplex scanning of documents. The...

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forensic science systems HRZ Visual zone RFID -chip Barcode Text data comparison Graphic data comparison Security Features Messages lo J RFID [Parsed da to] || RFID (Binary data) |_ Dociimerit Class Code Issuing State Code Check, digit of document number Chech digit of expiry date Surname And Given Names Nationality Code □ate ofbirth Check digit of birth date Final check digit Line 2 Optional Data_ DS Certificate Valid From C=L'. .0=OCMA Office c-1 C li^en?hip and Migration off a rs.CI l=OCMA Document Signer RFID chip data of the identity card HRZ Visual zone RFID -chip Barcode Text data comparison...

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Security features of the identity card Powered by TCPDF (

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