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Catalogue excerpts

ID card reader Regula 72X3 The document reader enables duplex scanning of ID-1 documents, e.g. ID cards, driving licences, bank cards, social security cards and other documents. The product is intended for automatic reading and authenticity verification of questioned documents. The document reader provides the capability of text data recognition, reading barcodes, RFID tags and smart cards.

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forensic science systems Regula 72X3 is designed in plastic body as a compact size device for desktop use. The reader is connected to a PC with the help of a USB-3.0 cable. The document reader allows single pass duplex scanning and capturing images of documents in white, infrared, ultraviolet, transmitted white and transmitted infrared lights. The device is equipped with an RFID and smart cards readers, optionally — with a magnetic stripe reader. Regula 72X3 is supplied with a software development kit (SDK) for easy integration into existing end-user systems. • Capturing and processing images °...

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forensic science systems • Regula Document Reader SDK • USB cable for connecting the reader to a PC

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forensic science systems Functionality Model reader (white) identification devices Smart card reader + + + + Optical document reader Images for document authenticity verification are Light sources: Ultraviolet light (UV luminescence) Infrared light Visible light Visible light with elimination of glare from laminate Transmitted infrared light (optional) Transmitted visible light Reader of radio frequency identification devices (RFID) for models Regula 7223.XXX, 7233.XXX • Supported standards — ISO 14443: RFID chips of type A and B • Data exchange rate, Kbaud — 106, 212, 424, 848 • Reading an RFID...

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forensic science systems

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forensic science systems

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forensic science systems LATVIJAS REPUBLIKA PER SON AS APUEClBA RFPUBLCOF LATVIA' IDENTITY C^PD J RfPiJEtlQUT D!" L.FTTCfciF C*.RTE D IDtflTlT? " Pirmw mi ' rti,m p*rt«nn»r — Ligil ilalui,' iuti4iqui ^|irwJHl>ftl./Tliil« Diimumi.'S.i/it, IJKvtJIIHM*; A.ulhll ritv r Aul4«W PaiKjnvirdi oiituridti lorrm / Tns historic ill fain il Die Pfl'Wfll DHM Duplex scanning of documents. The front and back of an identity card in white, infrared, ultraviolet lights

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