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Catalogue excerpts

Banknotes reference book The reference books are intended for express authenticity verification and advanced examination of banknotes and coins from different countries of all denominations and series.

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The reference books are printed in English and Russian. The editions include systematized and illustrated descriptions of banknotes and coins and their security features and techniques. The description of each banknote is given on 3 pages containing more than 30 illustrations. Published reference books: «Banknotes and coins of UN and USA»: 23 banknotes, 16 coins “Banknotes and coins of Poland»: 5 banknotes, 9 coins «Banknotes and coins of Russia»: 19 banknotes, 8 coins “Banknotes of Ukraine»: 30 banknotes Special editions arranged by country and banknote can be compiled at customer's request. The...

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banknotes in ultraviolet and infrared spectral ranges, images of magnetic ink patterns General information Application: • Financial institutions • Law-enforcement agencies • Forensic laboratories • Professional spheres: ° numismatics ° notaphily

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Contents and volume of data in reference books Size, mm — 140x287 Construction: • format — hardcover • method of binding — detachable 2-ring mechanism

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BbinycK c 2002 r. Pa3Mepbi: 133x72 mm. Eywara: cneijMaAbHafl, xoHiipoBaHHan (6AeAHO-roAy6aa) c MHOrOTOHOBbIM AOKflAbHblM EOA3HHM 3H3KOM, 33lHHTHOii HHTbR) H UeCLUlC'THbliMH 3aiUHTHblMH BOAOKH3MH. He HMCCT coOcTBeHHoro caeieHna b VO-Ayiax. Cnoco6bi ne>iara: AHueBaa ctopOHa — MeTaAAorpacfcCKas (cm. cxeMy) k ocficexHas neaaTb; odoporaafl CTOpOHa ■— ocpceTHaa h BwcoKaa neiaTb. "I 3AmHTHAfl IIHTb “I COBMEIILAIOIHEECH M30 BP A>KEHH E -1 BOAflHOrt 3HAK Henpo3paaHaa noAHMepHaa no-AOCa C MIlKpOTeKCTOM <<...20 EURO io w...». Bha Ha npoCBeT. 9AeMeHTbi ipicpp HOMiinaAa, aane' Ha pasutix CTopoaax...

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OBOPOTHAfl CTOPOHA □ OOCETHA5I TlEHATb □ BbICOKAfl nEHATb Bbicokoh neaaTbio na xyniope BbinoAHeiibi cepwiiHbie HOMepa. OtTMCKH KMeiOT BAaBACHHblH peAbCCjj H KpaCOMHblH 6opTHK HO KpaiO. Banknote. Reverse side

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Coins. Security features

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