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Catalogue excerpts

Video spectral comparator Regula 4305DMH The device is intended for advanced authenticity verification of passports, ID cards, travel documents, visa stamps and seals, including but not limited to entry permits, driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates and other vehicle related documents, banknotes, revenue and special stamps, securities and other documents with security features.

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The comparator is constructed as a single unit for desktop use in aluminum metal body. It is equipped with a built-in RFID reader. The device has a spacious working area over the object stage, clamps for fixing examined documents and a special shield protecting from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. The device is operated via the front panel with control buttons or/and Regula Forensic Studio software. The control buttons are responsible for the activation of light sources and adjustment of camera parameters in different examination modes. The latter are displayed on the LCD display. Video...

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• Law-enforcement agencies • Forensic laboratories • Financial institutions • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents Delivery Set • Torch • Magnifier Regula 1003M • Software Regula Forensic Studio for displaying video, device control, storing and processing of images • UV bottom lighter • Clamps for fixing examined documents • Optionally: PC ° Case for device transportation

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* - all magnifications are approximate and based upon a 24 inch monitor Camera filters: • fixed with bandpass, nm — 420-1100 • automatically installed with threshold, nm: ° IR low-pass — 700 ° IR high-pass — 600, 650, 700 RFID reader:

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• standards — ISO 14443: A and B types of RFID tags • PC/SC-protocol support • data exchange rate, Kbaud — 106, 212, 424, 848 • reading an RFID tag regardless of its position in the document • anticollision: reading an RFID tag according to the MRZ Maximum document size, mm — 210x300 (A4) OS — Microsoft Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Dimensions (lengthxwidthxheight), mm — 380x260x420 Weight, kg — 10,5 Power supply, V — 12 ± 2 Power consumption, W — 60 Optionally: power supply through vehicle on-board system 12 V

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Optional Accessories 1. Spectral luminescent magnifier Regula 4147 Light sources: incident white 2 high-intensity infrared 980 nm: spot and flood Field of view, mm ― 11,1×8,1 Sensor: type — CMOS megapixels — 3,1: resolution, ppi — 4700 frame size, pixels — 2048×1536 dynamic range, dB — 61 Camera filters — IR high-pass with threshold, nm — 660 Connection interface — USB 2.0 Dimensions (length×width×height), mm, not more than — 94×62×52 Weight, kg, not more than — 0,2 Power supply voltage, V — 5 Power consumption, W, not more than — 12,5 Incident white High-intensity infrared 980 nm: spot

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2. Thermostage Regula 4168 Functionality Examination of images and elements of banknotes and travel documents containing thermochromic ink at different temperatures. Examination of a composite security feature Feel®-ID developed by Giesecke & Devrient company. Feel®-ID is based on optically variable and thermochromic effect. Programmed temperature range, ˚С — +30...+80 Temperature setting resolution, ˚С — 1 Heated area (length×width), mm — 78×48 Dimensions (length×width×height), mm — 170×78×16 Weight, kg — 0,25 Power supply voltage: powered by the USB port of the video comparator, V — 5 Power...

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3. Visualizer of magnetic properties Regula 4197 Functionality • Examination of magnetic security features in banknotes and travel documents in the mode of live video • Visualization of magnetically hard and magnetically soft materials • Possibility to distinguish magnetic inks by residual magnetization • Carrying out non-destructive examination of objects with “hard” magnetic properties • Reading latent magnetic strokes and codes • Examination of damaged documents: reading blurred and crossed out texts printed with magnetic ink • Possibility to take magnetic measurements in tesla (T) Field of...

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[Requla Forensic Studio [ Compare with pattern Data processing Security Messaging channel required... BACprocedure ... 9 BAC procedure ... (0x00000001, RFID j id Security Messaging channel established Adjustable light sources Retrieving ofEF.COM (ePassport)... Retrieving ofDG1 (ePassport) ... Retrieving of DG1 (ePassport) completed Retrieving of DG14 (ePassport),,, Retrieving of DGIf (ePassport) completed CA procedure ... CA procedure ... (0x00000001, RFID_Error_NoError) Retrieving ofEF.SOD (ePassport)... Retrieving ofEF.SOD (ePassport) completed Error (0x90000212) ICAO_Certificate_Ext_BasicC_IncorrectUsag. Error...

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Codede I'Etat emetteur MANNIK 2. Eesnimed / Given names / Prenoms 3. Kodakondsus / Citizenship / Natioi 4 Sunmaeg / Date of birth. koht / Place of birth 2 lieu de nais 2 late of issue! Date de deltvtante tO. KehfwJumi / Date of eiptry / Date d'eicprration CodeNie I'Etat emetteur Eesnimed / Given names / Prenoms Kodakondsus 2 Citizenship / Natioi Sunmaeg / Date of birth. jkoht / Place of birth 2 lieu de nais 2 fate of issue f Date de deltvrance to. KehfwJumi / Date of evptry / Date d'eicprration

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passport is the property'of the Republic of Latvia. The holder of this passport is under the f the Republic of Laivia.The Government of theflepubiic of Latvia requests all those i concern to allow the holder to pass freely w/thout let or hindrance and to afford ce and protection as may be necessary. This passport is valid to travel to all ,71k holder of this passport is entitled to depart and enter the Republic of Latvia. est la prophete de la Republique de lettonie. Le titulaire de ce passeport est sous de la Republique de Lettonie. Le gouvernementde la Republique de Lettonie prie ut cela depend,...

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