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Catalog excerpts

Spherical and rod-end bearings www.schaublin.com www.rbcfrance.co

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Ed. Jan.2006 Copyright © 2006 – Schaublin-SA – All rights reserv

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Table of contents Page Table of contents Unibal products Definitions Standards Derivatives Specialities Railways Aerospace Dimensional standards Field of application Standard programme Options and derivatives from standard* Axial static loading    13 Calculating specific pressure    14 Calculating the slip velocity on contact.. PV factor    15 SCHAUBLIN 4 Ed. Jan.2006 Copyright © 2006 - Schaublin-SA - All rights reserved

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Determining calculation coefficients 16 Examples of dynamic calculations 18 Materials Uniflon® Type E Composition Features Alternatives Lubrication Lubrication and maintenance Standard lubrication Special lubrication Protection, seal Neoprene protection 2RS arrangement Play, rotation torque, tilt torque Play Torque Tilt angle 24 Ed. Jan.2006 Copyright © 2006 - Schaublin-SA - All rights reserved 5 SCHAUBLIN

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Rod-end bearings with maintenance    26 Maintenance-free rod-end bearings    36 Spherical bearings with maintenance    44 SCHAUBLIN 6 Ed. Jan.2006 Copyright © 2006 - Schaublin-SA - All rights reserved

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Basic application data to be provided to calculate life    52 Ed. Jan.2006 Copyright © 2006 - Schaublin-SA - All rights reserved 7 SCHAUBLIN

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Unibal products Standards In its standard programme, Schaublin offers a huge range of spherical bearings. The item reference gives the identity of the spherical bearing. ─ The shape ─ The nature of the slip contact ─ The series Our standard rod-end bearings comply with the dimensions of the ISO 12240–4 series K standard, so as to allow total interchangeability. Derivatives In order to supplement the standard programme, Schaublin makes spherical bearings to your requirements. ─ Special thread pitch ─ Specific thread length ─ High mechanical performance steel mounts ─ Specific slip surfaces Specialities...

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Definitions Dimensional standards ISO 12240–4 The international standard sets the dimensions of rods with spherical bearing assembled. It also specifies tolerances relative to the dimensions. The diameter of the head d2 is sized at the lower value of the standard, which gives our rod-end bearings minimal size and weight, thus ensuring total interchangeability with any other rod-end bearing meeting the standard. Field of application Rod-end and spherical bearings are designed to be used between the fixed or moving components of mechanical assemblies. ─ Assembly, alignment ─ Transmission of movements,...

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Standard programme Description SME 12.40 SCHAUBLIN Shape Size Series M:    Rod-end bearing Male ML:    Rod-end bearing Male, left-hand thread F:    Rod-end bearing Female FL:    Rod-end bearing Female,    LH    thread S:    Spherical (to be fitted in a mount) _:    Steel / Bronze,    without Lubricator G:    Steel / Bronze,    with Lubricator E:    Steel / Uniflon    (self-lubricating fabric) Nominal size _:    Standard .30:    Made according to Male spherical bearing Series Mechanical industry Food and vulnerable products Sport, competition Benefit Special features Excellent resistance to impacts,...

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Construction Type    Friction    Maintenance    Benefit Inner bush Outer bush Benefit    Special features - „    Chrome steel -    Chrome steel * Contact us for any special requirements Ed. Jan.2006 Copyright © 2006 - Schaublin-SA - All rights reserved 11 SCHAUBLIN

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Ed. Jan.2006 Copyright © 2006 – Schaublin-SA – All rights reserv

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Static loading Axial static loading Calculations The basic static loading C0 is given in the tables of dimensions. For a rod-end bearing, it is limited by the strength of the mount. The values given in the Unibal standard programme tables are calculated from the elastic limit of the mount material (Cse) taking a safety factor into account: C _    Cse In the case of a spherical bearing, the basic static loading C0 is calculated using the following formula: C0 = dk x C x 0.85 x X dK: diameter of the inner bush sphere (mm) C:    width of the mount (mm) X:    Stress admissible by the material (daN.mm-2) Fatigue...

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Checking the application Proceed as follows to check the choice of a spherical bearing: - Calculate and check whether the pressure is within the allowable limits - Calculate and check whether the velocity is within the allowable limits - Calculate the PV factor (Pressure x Velocity) and check the allowable limit Coefficient of axial loading y and equivalent dynamic loading: - Our spherical bearings are designed to withstand radial loadings (Fr). But the combination with an axial loading (Fa) is sometimes inevitable and spherical bearings are able to accommodate it to a certain extant. So the equivalent...

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Calculating the slip velocity on contact Checking the maximum friction velocity between the inner bush and outer bush. V _ dK x ft x f V 114’600 V:    velocity (m.min-1) dK: diameter of the inner bush sphere (mm) ft:    angle of oscillation complete (degrees) If your application requires the play or torque of the spherical bearing to be controlled throughout its life, please ask us. life in hours (h) life (number of oscillations or complete rotations) Width of the cage or rod (P24 to 47) Constant given by the table opposite radial dynamic loading (daN) angular distance run per cycle (degrees) frequency...

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Determining calculation coefficients The life of a spherical bearing or rod is the maximum number of running hours or oscillations before play appears that does not allow the spherical bearing to fulfil its function. The life is a function of the dynamic strain and of the various parameters of the application. ─ Pressure ─ Velocity (angle and frequency of oscillations) ─ Strain (continuous, pulsating, alternate loadings) ─ Temperature ─ Vibrations Calculation formulas, worked out from trials conducted on our test benches, enable you to determine the life in accordance with your application. In...

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