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Catalog 45The Inch & Metric Source Precision Mechanical Components Motion/Positioning Products Gear Products

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“Twin Track” LinearMotion System They’re part of the family of PIC Linear Motion Systems. All systems come fully assembled. Ten configurations are available along with an easy-to-use guide — all detailed in Section 1 of this catalog. Positioning TablesAvailable The WayYou Need Them Without breaking the bank, get features hard to find elsewhere. Travel lengths to 12 inches with a lead screw that suits your application. Configure them into X, X-Y, X-Y-Z systems with manual or motor-ready operation. Inch/Metric UniversalLateralShaftCouplers These new lateral shaft couplers are part of a large...

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“Twin Track” Linear Motion System Not only does “Twin Track” represent a significant price breakthrough, but it also offers users a host of design features not previously available in a single system. Twin Track is designated as System 10 and is fully described in Section 1 of this catalog. System 10 is available pre-assembled with many options to choose from. A one-piece plate and rail support assures parallelism and ease of set-up. Misalignment is eliminated because independent supports are no longer employed. Although standardized, System 10 provides enhanced versatility because it is...

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If a Part Number is known, this index will assist in identifying and locating the part in the Catalog. CATALOG SERIES SECTION PAGE CATALOG SERIES SECTION PAGE CATALOG SERIES SECTION PAGE Shafts, Precision Ground    6-22 to 6-23 Shafting - Hardened Predrilled    4-4 Shaft and Support Rails Assemblies    4-5 Shafting and Support Rail Assemblies 4-5 Shafting 440C S.S.    4-3, 4-8 & 6-25 Shaft and Support Rail Assemblies    4-5 Pullleys-Grooved Round Belt Racks-Precision Washers-Thrust Balls-Steel, Nylon Bearings-Bronze,Precision ACME Power Nuts ACME Anti-Backlash Nuts Acme Adjustable Compliant...

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CATALOG SERIES CATALOG SERIES INDEX If a Part Number is known, this index will assist in identifying and locating the part in the Catalog. SECTION DESCRIPTION    PAGE Metric Linear Bearing-Self-Aligning    4-10 Linear Bearing Recirculating Ball -    4-9 Closed Linear Bearing Flanged - Round    4-7 Linear Bearing Flanged - Square    4-7 Linear Bearings Engineered Plastic -    4-11 Adjustable Linear Bearings Engineered Plastic -    4-11 Closed Linear Bearings Engineered Plastic -    4-11 Open Linear Bearings Recirculating Ball -    4-9 Shaft Support Rails    4-4 Shaft Support Rails Predrilled...

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PIC DESIGN maintains a Worldwide network of Sales Representatives, Agents and Authorized Distributors who stand ready to assist you in your application of standard catalog products or to help you with your modified or special build to print designs. Contact us for the sales help nearest to you or visit our website for the complete listing. Phone    203-758-8272 Email Website AUTHORIZED PIC DESIGN DISTRIBUTORS Don’t be misled by companies that say they can provide you with PIC precision components. Unfortunately, there are firms that will take...

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Hrecision NDUSTRIAL OMPONENTS LINEAR MOTION SYSTEMSUser-assembled or Pre-assembled PIC now offers a comprehensive line of linear motion systems. Single sourcing eliminates the need for extensive, expensive component and system design and time consuming searches through different manufacturers’ catalogs for all required designs and sizes. The first few pages offer a guide to linear motion calculations, for determining effective loads, life of linear bearings, and shaft deflections. These pages are not meant to replace the thinking of an engineer but rather to assist. System 3 is made up of...

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LINEAR MOTION SYSTEMS CALCULATION OF SYSTEM LOADING AND BEARING SELECTION LOAD CALCULATION The main factors involved in the selection of bearing material and size are the load on a single bearing and the total travel life required. The load on a single bearing varies with the position of the center of gravity on the table top or carriage. To calculate the load on a single bearing: 1. For system 3, use load calculation diagram 1 for vertical applications, and load calculation diagram 2 for horizontal applications. 2. For other frequently used system configurations, use load calculation...

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LINEAR MOTION SYSTEMS LINEAR MOTION SYSTEMS From the dynamic load rating formula: 3 L . fw Table 1. Load Coefficient BEARING SELECTION Two types of bearings, self-aligning recirculating ball bearings and engineered plastic bearings, are available from PIC for use in linear motion systems. Both types are available in inch or metric sizes, and closed or open styles. SELF-ALIGNING BEARINGS The formulas and tables listed below will enable the designer to select the proper self-aligning bearings to meet the required life. Basic Dynamic Load Rating and Life Expectancy The basic dynamic load...

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DETERMINATION OF SHAFT DEFLECTION Table 4. Shaft Diameters and Tolerances Shaft Load = Total Load Number of Shafts Note: Deflections listed above are based on system being fixed at both ends, with load in center of span. Ws = Load on shaft L = Length E = Modulus of elasticity I = Moment of inertia of cross section Multiplier (From Table 6):    3.15 x 10-2    mm/kg Phone: 800-243-6125 ■ FAX: 203-758-8271 E-Mail: Interactive catalog ■ CAD ■ e-commerce

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