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TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Four years of research and development were necessary for the Razeebuss Team to fine tune the Razmott EPS (Electric Power System), making it possible to commercialize an innovative product geared to open and expand new horizons within the paragliding activity. The Razmott adopts an electric propulsion system (EPS) tuned harmoniously toward the foot launched flying activity by including a paragliding harness, a composite fiber frame, and the latest battery powered engine technology. A high performance FLYTEC engine Direct HPD 10 (output > 90%) Smart-Drive Controller with frequency converter DST FLYTEC Wire or wireless hand throttle with display HELIX foldable carbon fiber propeller custom designed for electric propulsion flights Paragliding harness Kuik with standard paragliding attachment points Harness realignment system (HRS) for optimal thrust configuration in running phase and flight cruising mode Built-in reserve parachute included Frame warranty: five years (5) Overall weight without batteries: 17 Kg. (374 lb.) Designed and made in France To any interested dealers, please contact us

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Optional batteries and charger not included. For comparative information, one battery cost corresponds to over height hundred hours of electrical usage! Gauged against a paramotor combustion engine and equal usage time, the fuel cost is approximately 5,500 €, not including oil and maintenance expenses basically inexistent Pack price options: Each package is delivered with a protective transport bag. A one day hands on training is included with the Razmott EPS package. (H.T. means without VAT or Value Added Tax) Can I use my regular paragliding wing? id no wind speed is necessary to achieve...

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