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©raymetrics _I    Ildar systems Customized LIDARs Research | Pollution | Climate Raman, Depolarization, Backscatter, DIAL

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Raymetrics Introduction Raymetrics was founded in 2002 with the aim of manufacturing the highest quality scientific instrumentation. The company designs, manufactures and delivers a range of advanced LIDAR systems for atmospheric measurement. Standard products include backscatter, depolarization and Raman LIDARs and LIDAR-related components such as specialist telescopes. LIDAR Principle A LIDAR works by emitting a laser beam into the atmosphere. The laser light is scattered by particles, with some “backscattered” to a telescope placed alongside the laser. Because the speed of light is...

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Choice of Laser Energy • Emission at 355 nm: 30, 60 or 90 mJ per pulse • Emission at 532 nm: 55,130 or 200 mJ per pulse • Emission at 1064nm: lOO, 200 or 330 mJ per pulse Others available on request Laser specs: * Q-switch flashlamp-pumped Nd:YAG laser *    Repetition rate 20 Hz * Pulse duration 5.5 - 9ns • Divergence <1.5 mrad [reduced down to as little as 0.4 mrad after beam expansion) • Flashlamp life >50 million shots Choice of Telescope Size •    200    mm Custom sizes available on request Telescope specs: • Designed by Raymetrics specifically for LIDARs • Carbonfibre tube/struts for...

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LIDARs Backscatter /Raman/Depolarization Remote Alignment Laser beam Laser beam Signal intensity 1. Misaligned LIDAR - easy to identify due to no signal Laser beam Signal intensity Signal intensity 2. Misaligned LIDAR - difficult to identify, but far range compromised 3. Properly aligned LIDAR Key features of a Raymetrics LIDAR include... • Powerful yet robust industrial grade laser with high energy per pulse for better data quality and range • Large custom-designed telescope specifically for LIDARs, increasing signal efficiency by up to 40% compared to off-the-shelf telescopes • Up to 8...

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Raymetrics S.A. 32 Spartis, Metamorfosis 14452, Athens, Greece T +30 210 6655860 F +30 210 2827217

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