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Aerosol LIDAR - 3 Pages

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Aerosol LIDAR
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Catalogue excerpts

Aerosol LIDAR Meteorology Aviation LR111-D300

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LR111-D300 Raman Depolarization LIDAR Introduction The LR111-D300 model LIDAR is an active laser remote sensing instrument designed to provide a wealth of information about the atmosphere, including aerosol loading, PBL mixing height, definitive identification of volcanic ash and ash layer heights. The system can also be upgraded to detect water vapour, allowing for remote humidity profiling (night only). Designed for meteorological and aviation applications, the specifications have been determined according to Met Office (UK) and EARLINET (European LIDAR Network) requirements, making the LR111-D300...

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*Effective ranges depend on atmospheric conditions and integration times. Values provided were observed in factory in general conditions with Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) >10. References: GroB S. , Freudenthaler V., Wiegner M. , Gasteiger J., GeiB A., Schnell F, Dual-wavelength linear depolarization ratio of volcanic aerosols: LIDAR measurements of the Eyjafjallajokull plume over Maisach, Germany. Atmospheric Environment 48 [2012] 85e9G. Raymetrics S.A. 32 Spartis, Metamorfosis 14452, Athens, Greece T +30 210 6655860 F +30 210 2827217 ■    www.raymetrics.com info@raymetrics.com

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