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Radiall is the preferred choice across the globe when quality, reliability, and performance are mission critical. With space heritage dating back to 1974 and involvement in more than 300 satellite programs, our reliable solutions have established a strong reputation. Our complete range of Space Qualified passive products includes a wide range of coaxial connectors, cable assemblies, microwave components and switches with a frequency range up to Q band.

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DESIGN The design of all Radiall space products is done at our state-of-the-art Isle d'Abeau plant in France by space engineers who are dedicated to developing high performance, reliable product solutions. To ensure that customers specific needs for dedicated applications are met, our engineers use the following tools to design and model components: •    Audros    •    CST Microwave Studio MANUFACTURING Radiall space qualified products are manufactured within our 600m2 ISO 7 and ISO 8 clean rooms. This guarantees that our customers are receiving the highest quality components on the market....

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COAXIAL CONNECTORS Includes a wide range of 50ohms coaxial connectors with a frequency range up to Q band ••ESA QPL SMA interface up to 22 GHz with male, female and adaptors variants ••ESA QPL SMA2.9 interface also called SMK, up to 40 GHz ••ESA QPL Very high power TNC interface up to 8 GHz •• NC Line providing higher performance with screw-on concept: high T power versions up to 8 GHz and high frequency version up to 18 GHz ••SMP microminiature interface for high frequency applications with great misalignment tolerances: 40 GHz/Snap-on (blind mate) ••SMP-LOCK: fully compatible with SMP...

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FLEXIBLE COAXIAL CABLE ASSEMBLIES High performance (depending on selected variant), lightweight, low loss, high flexibility and high power - CNES ASF since 2007 (Agrément de Savoir Faire: Capability Approval) ••SHF 2.4MS: with SMA or SMP-LOCK connectors (18g/m - 2.91 dB/m at 18 GHz) ••SHF 3MS: with SMA connectors (35 g/m - 2.35 dB/m at 18 GHz), SMA2.9 or SMP-LOCK (35 g/m -3.19 dB/m at 31 GHz) ••SHF 4.8MS: SMA interface (41 g/m - 1.19 dB/m at 18 GHz) or SHF 4.8MS ULL32 with SMA2.9 for Ka Band (41g/m - 1.65 dB/m at 32 GHz), high radiation capability: 120 MRAD ••SHF 5MS: SMA connectors...

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We advance the design and engineering process for innovators, ground-breakers and pioneers of technology. We reduce weight, improve durability and streamline installation to provide leading-edge connectors that drive product performance. EUROPE    ADDRESS    PHONE    FAX    EMAIL FINLAND    Radiall Finland PO Box 202, 90101, Oulu    +358407522412 FRANCE    Radiall SA 25 Rue Madeleine Vionnet, 93300, Aubervilliers    +33149353535 GERMANY    Radiall GmbH Carl-Zeiss-StraBe 10, 63322, Rodermark    +49607491070    +496074910710

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