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FERRIUM® S53® Corrosion Resistant Ultrahigh-Strength Steel for Aerospace Structural Applications Ferrium S53 Mechanical Properties (typical) Other Key Properties • Corrosion resistance has been measured using a variety of test methods. General corrosion resistance of S53 is similar to 440C. • Fatigue testing at a number of R values and stress levels has shown equivalent performance to typical 300M values. •    S53 yields a Class A Weld. Welding studies have shown minimal impact on mechanical properties. ® Materials by Design Objective Steels currently used in numerous aerospace applications, specifically landing gear, are not corrosion resistant and therefore require a protective cyanide-based cadmium plating process. Cadmium, a known carcinogen, represents significant environmental risks in both primary aerospace manufacture and at overhaul and repair facilities. The design objective of Ferrium® S53 was to create an ultra high-strength corrosion-resistant steel that would eliminate the need for toxic metal plating. Description Ferrium S53 is a corrosion resistant ultra high-strength steel for structural aerospace applications. Ferrium S53 was designed to provide mechanical properties equal to, or better than, conventional ultrahigh-strength steels such as 300M and SAE 4340 with the added benefit of general corrosion resistance. This eliminates the need for cadmium coating processes, which are environmentally unfriendly and require subsequent hydrogen bake-out operations in order to avoid hydrogen embrittlement. Ferrium S53 has a greatly improved resistance to stress-corrosion cracking (SCC) over 300M and SAE 4340. Ferrium S53 utilizes an efficient M2C strengthening dispersion precipitated through tempering while avoiding other carbides. This maximizes strength, wear resistance, and toughness; resulting in a unique combination of mechanical properties for a corrosion resistant steel. Ferrium S53 uses a stable passive oxide film for optimum corrosion resistance. It also has high hardenability, permitting less severe quench conditions for a given section size and resulting in less distortion during heat treatment. .    For additional information regarding OuesTek’s Ferrium S53 email info@auestek.com or call 847.328.5800. March 2010. Copyright © 2010 QuesTek Innovations LLC. All rights reserved.

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Processing Processing of Ferrium S53 is similar to other quench and tempered martensitic secondary-hardening steels. Vacuum heat treatment and vacuum tempering is recommended to avoid surface decarburization. After quenching to room temperature Ferrium S53 is subjected to cryogenic treatment to assure a complete martensitic transformation. Ferrium S53 is typically doublestep tempered around 900°F (482° and has excellen t thermal resistance C) approaching this temperature. This allows for higher grinding speeds without risk for grinding burns and more reliability in service. Heat treatment...

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