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KODIAK 100 SERIES II - 20 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

THE KODIAK’S RUGGED ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION COMBINES SUPERIOR STOL PERFORMANCE AND HIGH USEFUL Load. It OFFERs pROvEN RELIABILITy wITH The Pratt & WHITNEy PT6A Turbine Engine, HAS THE ABiLiTy to land and take off from unimproved surfaces and is capable of working off floats without structural upgrades. SIMPLY PUT, THE QUEST KODIAK 100, SERIES II IS THE MOST MODERN, RUGGED, And RELIAbLE AIRpLANE in its class. A smart aircraft designed for the 21st century. Built tough and safe for extreme missions. Comfort, capacity and economy for business or personal use. Only one pilot needed. A dream to fly. Many...

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A DECADE OF IMPROVEMENTSTRANSFORMING A MODERN PLANE INTO A STATE-OF-THE-ART AVIATION ICON • Jump Package approved • Kodiak Full-motion Simulator introduced • Cockpit Oxygen System refined • Increased Takeoff Weight • S-Tec 55x Autopilot added as standard • Synthetic Vision added as standard • Inflatable Door Seals added • Sound Proofing Improvements • Major Electrical Enhancements with a Stall Computer, DIPS and Squat Switch added • Enhancements to cargo door • 5th step of corrosion prevention added • Improved Shimmy Damper & nose landing gear • EI Fuel Flow Transducer upgrade • Nose Strut & Drag...

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Because the Kodiak is an amazingly safe airplane meeting the latest aviation standards. Because the Kodiak is tough, designed for rugged, backcountry operations. Because the Kodiak is nearly impossible to stall. Because the Kodiak is able to take off and land in less than 980 feet. Because the Kodiak can be easily converted from passenger to cargo operations. Because the Kodiak was designed from the beginning for floats. Because the Kodiak’s optional cargo pod results in virtually no loss of performance. Because the Kodiak’s PT6A-34 engine delivers a 9.67:1 power-to-weight ratio. Because the Kodiak...

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The Kodiak Series II is a new but continuously refined airplane. Unlike competitors that were designed decades ago, the Kodiak benefits from the latest advances in engineering and technology. The result is an increasingly safe, comfortable and efficient airplane. New With 2018 Series II Kodiaks GARMIN G1000® NXi SUITE • Fast Processing • Flight Stream 510 • HSI moving map • Synthetic Vision • Communication decoder • Vertical situation display • Visual Approaches • Weight & Balance feature • VFR/IFR Charts on MFD • Visual Reporting Points • Animated NEXRAD weather • More! AVIONICS UPGRADES • GTX™-345...

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[ BUSINESS ] GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS OFTEN MEANS GETTING THERE FASTER. The Dependable All-Weather Business Aviation Solution. with its comfortable interior, AmpLE storage and economy, THE KODIAK FiLLS THE GApS iN your corporate fleet, freight operation or charter service. The Kodiak Series II fills the gap between long haul jets and a long grueling drive. Outfitted for comfort and focused on safe, affordable trips, the Kodiak makes it possible to fly frequent trips to remote worksites or even eliminate field offices. Unlike most of the executive aviation options, the Kodiak does not need a paved...

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Stockholm Kodiak Moscow London New York Tokyo Los Angeles Cairo Dubai Hawaiian Islands Hong Kong Bangkok Mexico City Nairobi Jakarta IMPRESSIVE RANGE, ECONOMY AND PERFORMANCE For just about any destination in the world, the Kodiak can get you there. Cruising at 12,000 feet at 174 KTAS, it has a range of over 1005 nm, sipping 48 GPH of Jet-A. Port Moresby Rio de Janeiro perth Buenos Aires Cape Town

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YOU WON’T FIND THESE FEATURES ON COMPETITORS DESIGNED IN THE LAST CENTURY. The Kodiak 100 is certified to modern 21st century FAA standards. The part 23-55 amendments, applied in 2002, are the product of decades of accident investigations, which increases safety. There are over 1000 additional safety enhancements the Kodiak has, which our competition does not have. This is due to our modern 2007 certification vs. their decades old certification. The Kodiak’s seats were dynamically sled tested to 26g’s. Older regulations only required seats to be drop tested to 9g’s. This old testing method was...

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The kodiak Series ii with carbon fiber floats No Other Aircraft In The World Today Matches The Kodiak’s Seaplane Performance, Efficiency, Safety And Cost. The Kodiak was designed from the outset for float operation. This seaplane can take off from water or a runway while preserving unprecedented water operation performance. There is no need for structural upgrades. The possibilities are endless: Travel to all those out-of-the way lakes and rivers you’ve always longed to visit; haul hunters, fishermen or supplies to those locations that can’t be reached any other way; deliver guests to seaside...

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SUMMIT interior interior packages SummitTM The top-of-the-line Summit interior offers club seating, cabinetry, and carpet that allows you to conduct a business meeting in comfort on the way to a conference or a project site. This interior also makes the Kodiak great for family trips. A true example of rugged refinement, Summit features individual headset jacks, oxygen, LED lighting, AC control, and charging ports for your portable electronic devices. Tundra base interior is lightweight, yet it can withstand the heavy use typically seen in charter operations that carry a combination of passengers...

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The Garmin G1000 NXi SUITE, a vision of safety and integrated avionics. The Integrated Flight Deck Anchored By The Garmin G1000 NXi. The Brains Behind the Brawn. Newly integrated into the Kodiak Series II cockpit is the nextgeneration G1000 NXi avionics suite. The G1000 NXi offers a combination of new standard and optional features that ease pilot workload and increase the margin of safety. Processor Speed Garmin has improved the system’s speed by upgrading to dualcore processors making the G1000 NXi lightning quick during start up, zooming, and panning. One of the most important new standard...

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The Kodiak carries 3,535 lbs of useful load and can [ MANY MISSIONS ] take off and land in less then 1,000 FT. This plus its Emergency Aid and Airlift in Earthquake family: 900 LBS + Devastated Ecuador: What The Kodiak Was Designed500 LBS For. gear: generous cruise speed makes it the ideal platform for airlift and medivac operations. 12,000 ft in 9 1/2 min 4 skydiver loads per hour = increased fun & revenue The Quest Kodiak is a highly versatile aircraft with amazing STOL characteristics. It is used by business, owner-operators and govern- 12,000 ft in 9 1/2 min fuel: 2130 LBS 4 ment for many...

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