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Catalog excerpts

Ertalyte® – Where Material and Solutions Innovation Meet A Guide to Quadrant’s PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Material Grades and Applications

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Your Requirements “I need a material which offers the highest purity. Our goal is to exclude anything that could possibly impact the properties and the final quality of the product we offer. Mechanical and optical aspects matter a lot in our environment.” “I am in search of a polymer material which can be machined to the maximum precision, allowing me to deliver on very special parts designs.” “We are increasingly emphasising the ecological aspects of our processes and are setting specific goals throughout the company. I need materials which contribute to these goals at various points in the organisation....

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Pharmaceutical – Pill Processing During the production of pharmaceutical tablets, the product gets diverted into specific process streams using a diverter arm. These arms must remain very stable and straight over their life. The company producing these arms had been machining them from Hydex* PBT but had been struggling to hold the required flatness tolerance. The design of the parts includes a taper at one end of the „hockey stick” shape (blade end). The overall thickness in the body of the part is 4.83 mm and it tapers to 0.89 mm at the tip. Despite machining material off both sides of the plate,...

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Transportation - Railroad Passenger Cars Trams are used for public transport at the Belgian coast. The trains consist of three main parts (trolleys): One front part, one end part with a steering table and in between a third floating part. Bearings provide the trolleys the flexibility to follow the rails in a curved or a sloped track. A disk enables the horizontal turning of the train while cylindrical bearings allow a vertical flexibility when on sloped track. Both equipment parts, the trolley pivot disc and the cylindrical bearings, are now made of Ertalyte, replacing “Permaglide*” (PTFE coated...

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Ertalyte® Materials - POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE (PET) Werkstofftypen Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products’ stock shapes made of crystalline thermoplastic polyester are marketed under the trade names Ertalyte (virgin grade) and Ertalyte TX (bearing grade). Main Characteristics High mechanical strength, stiffness and hardness Very good creep resistance Low and constant coefficient of friction Excellent wear resistance (comparable with or even better than nylon grades) Moderate impact strength Very good dimensional stability (better than polyacetal) Excellent stain resistance Better resistance...

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Ertalyte® & Ertalyte® TX - Material of choice for the most challenging applications. Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products Worldwide Quadrant EPP AG | Europe Hardstraße 5 CH-5600 Lenzburg T +41[0] 62 8858150 F +41[0] 62 8858385 Quadrant EPP USA, Inc. | North America 2120 Fairmont Avenue PO Box 14235 - Reading, PA 19612-4235 T 800 366 0300 | +1 610 320 6600 F 800 366 0301 | +1 610 320 6638 Quadrant EPP Asia Pacific Ltd | Asia-Pacific 60 Ha Mei San Tsuen, Ping Shan Yuen Long - NT Hong Kong T +852 24702683 F +852 24789966 This...

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