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triaxial DC Response Accelerometer - 1 Pages

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triaxial DC Response Accelerometer
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Performance Sensitivity(± 10 %) Measurement Range Frequency Range(± 5 %) Frequency Range(± 10 %) Resonant Frequency Phase Response(100 Hz) Broadband Resolution^.5 to 100 Hz) Non-Linearity Transverse Sensitivity Environmental Overload Limit(Shock) Temperature Range(Operating) Temperature Range(Storage) Temperature Coefficient of Sensitivity Zero g Offset Temperature Coefficient Base Strain Sensitivity Magnetic Sensitivity Electrical Excitation Voltage Current Consumption Output Impedance Offset Voltage(0 g) Spectral Noise(1 to 1000 Hz) Electrical Isolation(Case) Physical Housing Material Sealing Size (Length x Width x Height) Weight(with cable) Electrical Connector Electrical Connection Position Cable Type Cable Length Mounting Thread TRIAXIAL DC RESPONSE ACCELEROMETER ENGLISH 10 mV/g ± 200 g pk 0 to 850 Hz 0 to 1250 Hz > 11 kHz <10 ° 21.1 mg rms £1 % <3% C€„ All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified. In the interest of constant product improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice. ICP® is a registered trademark of PCB Group, Inc. OPTIONAL VERSIONS Optional versions have identical specifications and accessories as listed for the standard model except where noted below. More than one option may be used. NOTES: [1] Offset tolerance is based on 10 ft of 037 test cable. [2] Typical. [3] -65 to +250 °F, ref. 75 °F (-54 to +121 °C, ref. 24 °C) [4] FSO = Full Scale Output over the Measurement Range (4VDC). [5] Measured at 100 Hz, 10 grms. [6] Zero-based, least-squares, straight line method. [7] See PCB Declaration of Conformance PS027 for details. SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES: Model 080A12 Adhesive Mounting Base (1) Model 081B05 Mounting Stud (10-32 to 10-32) (1) Model ACS-103TTriaxial Calibration Phase and Magnitude from 2 Hz to +5% using Linear scale (1) Model M081B05 Mounting Stud 10-32 to M6 X 0.75 (1) ®PCB PIEZ0TR0NIC5' F^StHS^01 3425 Walden Avenue, Depew, NY 14043    E-Mail: info@pcb.com

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