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Industrial ICP Accelerometer

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Model Number Performance Sensitivity(± 20 %) Measurement Range Frequency Range(± 3 dB) Resonant Frequency Broadband Resolution^ to 10,000 Hz) Non-Linearity Transverse Sensitivity Environmental Overload Limit(Shock) Temperature Range Temperature Response Enclosure Rating Electrical Settling Time(within 1% of bias) Discharge Time Constant Excitation Voltage Constant Current Excitation Output Impedance Output Bias Voltage Spectral Noise(10 Hz) Spectral Noise(100 Hz) Spectral Noise(1 kHz) Electrical Isolation(Case) Physical Size (Diameter x Height) Weight Mounting Mounting Thread Mounting Torque Sensing Element Sensing Geometry Housing Material Sealing Electrical Connector Electrical Connection Position Electrical Connections(Pin A) Electrical Connections(Pin B) Electrical Connections(Pin C) Electrical Connections(Pin D) OPTIONAL VERSIONS Optional versions have identical specifications and accessories as listed for the standard model except where noted below. More than one option may be used CS - Canadian Standards Association Approved Intrinsically Safe M - Metric Mount Supplied Accessory : Model M081A68 Captive mounting bolt M6 x 1 (1) NOTES: [1] Typical [2] Conversion Factor 1g = 9.81 m/s2. [1]    [3] The high frequency tolerance is accurate within +10% of the specified frequency [1]    [4] Zero-based, least-squares, straight line method. mi [5] 1/4-28 has no equivalent in S.l. units. [6] See PCB Declaration of Conformance PS023 for details. [7] Division 1; Class I; Group C & D; Temperature Code T4 All specifications are at room temperature unless otherwise specified. In the interest of constant product improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice. ICP® is a registered trademark of PCB Group, Inc. SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES: Model 081A68 Captive mounting bolt 1/4-28 x .90" (1) 21814 ®I Ml SENSORS A PCB PtEZOTRONIC8 DfV. 3425 Walden Avenue, Depew, NY 14043

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