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Acoustic Measurement Sensors & Instrumentation - 16 Pages

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Acoustic Measurement Sensors & Instrumentation
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Catalogue excerpts

Acoustic Measurement Sensors & Instrumentation PCB.com/Acoustics ®PCB PIEZOTRONICS 71 6.684.0001

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PCB – Trusted by Companies and Laboratories Worldwide ® PCB Piezotronics, Inc. provides a variety of acoustic measurement products, including prepolarized and externally polarized condenser, array, probe, low-profile surface, and special purpose microphones. Microphone products are complemented by an assortment of preamplifiers, signal conditioners, A-weighting filters, handheld calibrators, and accessories. All PCB® acoustic products are manufactured from the highest quality materials. They are used by a variety of industries and customers including automotive, aerospace & defense, OEM’s, universities,...

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In-house Manufacturing PCB® uses only the highest quality material and components for its microphones. While other sensor providers outsource their manufacturing, PCB® has invested heavily in on-going employee training as well as in a state of the art, in-house CNC machining facility. This allows us to control all factors that affect quality and delivery. PCB® has made significant investments in our people and operations, including: H igh Volume Robotic Machining Cells Laser Welding Anechoic Chamber PCB’s in-house machining facilities control factors that affect quality, production quantities,...

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Selecting the Right Microphone There are several product options to consider when choosing a microphone and preamplifier system to measure sound or unwanted sound, called noise. In some cases, multiple products can be used for the same application. The PCB® Microphone Handbook provides detailed information about microphone selection, maintenance, calibration, associated standards, and more. To download this handbook, visit www.pcb.com/acoustics. Microphone Field Types Free-field Response Free-field microphones are designed for use in environments without reflections. They are ideal for outdoor...

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Pressure Response Image courtesy of Spectronics, Inc. Pressure microphones are specifically designed to be flushmounted to a surface at the boundary of the sound field. This allows accurate measurement of sound pressure in ducts, wind tunnels, and couplers. Pressure microphones are ideal for use as reference microphones, as they are designed to have very flat frequency response within a sound coupler or calibrator. Pressure microphones are also required for most ear simulator applications. Flush Mounted Microphone Measurements in an Impedance Tube Photo Courtesy of Troy Acoustics Pressure Response Random...

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EASUREMENT PRODUCTS Microphone ComparisonPREPOLARIZED (0 V) Random Pressure    Incidence    Free-field Example: Minimum - Amplitude (dB) - Maximum Frequency (± 2 dB) PCB Piezotronics, Inc. Toll-Free in the USA 800.828.8840 D 716.684.0001    @ www.pcb.com/acoustics

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ACOUSTIC MEASUREMENT PRODUCTS Random Pressure    Incidence    Free-field PCB Piezotronics, Inc. Toll-Free in the USA 800.828.8840    ® 716.684.0001    ® www.pcb.com/acoustics

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ACOUSTIC MEASUREMENT PRODUCTS Prepolarized ICP® Precision Condenser Microphones and Preamplifiers Prepolarized microphones have many advantages over externally polarized models. They use low power circuitry and do not require an external polarization voltage. PCB® invented ICP® power. Applying a polymer coating to the top of the backplate and embedding a charge on it eliminates the need for expensive 200 V power supplies and cables, and allows use of a 2-20 mA constant current supply or signal conditioner as the power source. Prepolarized microphones are especially useful in applications that...

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Prepolarized (0 V) Precision Condenser Microphones These low noise, general purpose, preamplifiers are powered by any constant current (2-20 mA) ICP® sensor power supply. They are designed to be used with prepolarized microphones. C€ All preamplifiers are CE marked and contain TEDS memory circuitry. rnuPATinir    '    1 [1] Measured with an 18 pF reference microphone [2] Measured with a 12 pF reference microphone PCB Piezotronics, Inc. ® Toll-Free in the USA 800.828.8840 tT 716.684.0001    ®

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Prepolarized ICP@Array Microphones Prepolarized ICP® array microphones are a cost-effective alternative to the higher end, test and measurement microphones. They are suitable for sound measurements within the normal human hearing range. Array microphones have excellent phase characteristics and can be combined with the appropriate software to effectively map acoustic energy flow. The number of microphones, spacing and predetermined patterns, which are typically dictated by the software and application, allow you to analyze spatial transformation of complex sound fields to understand hot spots....

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Externally Polarized Precision Condenser Microphones and Preamplifiers Externally polarized microphones were the original standard for all acoustic measurement applications. This design utilizes a separate 200 V power supply and special cables with 7 pin style connectors. Their ease of design enables a large product offering. Externally polarized microphones are typically used to replace microphones in existing systems or when a prepolarized alternative is not available. Externally Polarized (200 V) Precision Condenser Microphone Cartridges Preamplifiers for Externally Polarized Microphones Model...

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Additional Acoustic Products and Accessories High Temperature Probe Microphone (up to 800°C) Model 377B26 Prepolarized Probe Microphone is designed for use in difficult measurement situations, such as small cavities and very high temperatures. The acoustic signal is guided to the microphone through a detachable, stainless-steel probe. The high acoustic input impedance of the probe tip minimizes its influence on the acoustic field. Probe microphones are internally compensated to equalize the static pressure at the probe tip with the internal microphone pressure. In-line “A-weighting” Filter Model...

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Environmental Protection 079A07 – 3-1/2” Windscreen for 1/4” Microphone 079A06 – 3-1/2” Windscreen for 1/2” Microphone 079C20 – Nose Cone for 1/4” Microphone 079B21 – Nose Cone for 1/2” Microphone EPS2116 – Outdoor Protection, 3/4” Mount and 1/4” Side Exit Mount Holders 079B10 – Holder for 1/4” Microphone 079A11 – Holder for 1/2” Microphone 079B10 079C23 – Swivel Head with 1/4” and 1/2” Holders 079B32 – Clip Holder for 1/4” Microphone Stands and Mounts 079A15 – Tripod Stand with Boom Arm 079B16 – Miniature Tripod Stand with Adjustable Legs 079A17 – Camera Tripod Stand 079A15 079A18 – Adjustable...

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