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AUXILIARY POWER UNIT SAFIR 5K/G Z8 Designed for electrical starting of the main engine of helicopter

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Main parameters Rated electrical power Electrical power supply Fuel consumption Range of operation Main features H=0 m T=15 °C 40 kVA 3× 115 V/200 V max. 55 kg/hour −55 °C ÷ + 60 °C 0 ÷ 6,000 m • Continuous operation lasting 6 hours • High reliability of APU operations • Long service life and operation periods • Simple maintenance • Ecological fuel drainage Dimensions and weight Lenght (without AC generator) Width × Depth Weight (without AC generator) (including air inlet and air bleed system) • Unlimited number of main engine starts • Start and operation altitude up to 6,000 m Standard completation...

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