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PaxLift® the next generation ambulift - 7 Pages

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PaxLift® the next generation ambulift
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Catalogue excerpts

the next generation ambulift

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Welcome to PaxLift from Baumann Baumann is a world-class manufacturer with a reputation for consistent innovation and the highest level of design and productivity. Our comprehensive range of sideloaders are specified to suit the heavy demands and nuances of timber, steel, plastic, concrete and other manufacturing sectors. Our starting point for the PaxLift was comfort and reliability. We saw a need for a high quality passenger cabin with lifting capacity from ground level up to 8,000mm. Something which offers easy access and great manouvrability to reach the airplane door. Based in Cavaion in...

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The blending of innovation, productivity and durability. Our previous experience in aircraft ground support and our work with industrial equipment gave us the insights to design the next generation 'Ambulift'. One that gives precise control and maximum comfort within a small footprint (just 2,500mm width, max 3,600mm high in closed status and a flexible length). Key Benefits: • All wheel steer & integrated suspension. • Space for a minimum of six wheelchair passengers with assistants. • Extremely compact, with a small turning radius. • Comfortable, fast & smooth. Our philosophy of high service...

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Fast & Stepless Safe & Secure One-Man Operation Floor to door access (0mm to 8.1m) without the need for stabilizers or lateral movement at ground level; and stepless without additional lifting attachment. Front access gates are alarmed and linked to the operator controls, preventing accidental travel when unsecured. Lifting is only allowed with platform rails and doors closed. Driver's air suspended seat is located within the passengers cabin, complete with joystick controls and full-vision cameras.

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On-Board Anemometer A telescopic roof protects passengers from the sun and rain when embarking and disembarking. Meanwhile, the onboard anemometer provides instant wind-speed information and lateral movement control in winds of up to 100km/h (54kn). Award-Winning Productivity Our design capability has been recognised on several occassions in recent years. We have received the FLTA award for Innovation for our remarkable Archimedes outreach system and again in 2017 with a nomination for our latest high performing electric industrial models. Instinctive Controls With easy and intuitive automotive-style...

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Fit For The Job Because PaxLift is a machine fit for the job, not an adapted commercial vehicle, it comes complete with bespoke settings for embarking/disembarking, driving and driver’s stand. A rotating beacon and white noise alarm operate during cabin lowering. Other Great Features Durable & Reliable Accessible & Practical From Airside To Roadside Hydrostatic drive is designed for stop and go travel, ideal for airport operations, improved reliability and reduced fuel consumption. The load-sensing hydrostatic pump, with full flow sharing sectional valves, efficiently supports the lifting process. PaxLift’s...

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A smooth & stepless experience from ground level to 8 meters from inspiration & innovation to robust production & patented perfection info@paxlift.com www.paxlift.com Baumann S.r.l, Via Palesega, 1 I-37010 Cavaion (VR) Tel +39-045-6205311 Fax +39-045-6205359

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