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philosophy and design technology Maschinen-Philosophie und Kinematik In designing the DIAMOND machine the choice has fallen on the gantry structure concept design due to the main importance of WORKPIECE HELD IN A STEADY POSITION Die DIAMOND wurde als obenliegendes Gantry konzipiert, um folgenden Effekt zu erreichen DAS WERKSTÜCK BEWEGT SICH NICHT This allows maximum speed and accuracy as moving masses are always constant and known Hierdurch können eines sehr hohe Dynamik, sowie exzellente Genauigkeit erreicht werden, da konstante und bekannte Massen bewegt werden WORKPIECE WEIGHT = VARIABLE...

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technology / Technology 1. AXES X Y Z with linear motors 2. Axes A C with torque motors (direct drive) 3. Structure of the machine fully isolated and thermo stabilized PATENTED 4. Bed, table, columns MONOLITIC 1. ACHSEN X, Y, Z Angetrieben durch Linearmotoren 2. Achsen A und C direkt angetrieben durch Torque-Motoren 3. Maschinenstruktur komplett isoliert und thermisch stabilisiert (Patent) 4. Monoblock-Aufbau bestehend aus Bett, Tisch und Seitenwänden targets / Ziele Design an HIGH DYNAMIC MILLING MACHINE capable of: Entwerfen einer HOHEN DYNAMISCHEN FRÄSMASCHINE mit: 1. Best dynamic in...

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accuracy thermostatic system Thermo-stabilisierte Genauigkeit Over ten years experience in thermal stabilization of the machine structures, see XS, FORMULA, INVAR etc., in ensuring the consistency of the machine accuracy in presence of ambient temperature changes, the gantry of the DIAMOND is completely insulated and thermo stabilized thanks to a patented thermal conditioning system, avoiding structural distortions caused by variations in the ambient temperature. Über 10 Jahre Entwicklung und Erfahrung in der thermischen Stabilisierung von Fräsmaschinen (XS, FORMULA, INVAR etc.) sind in die...

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integral BOX structure Geschlossener Aufbau

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designing / Konstruktion The designing process of all structural components for the machine has been accomplished by the most advanced and powerful software for the structural analysis (FEM), static analysis and dynamic analysis to achieve better speed performances and best accuracies (to reduce the machining times). Specific efforts have been made in the research phase, by our technological departments, on the basic materials and on the components (mechanical, electronic and software) using the most advanced technologies developed in the aerospace industry and racing car industry. The...

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some static and dynamic analysis Einige statische und dynamische Analysen

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TABLE It is an integral part of the bed structure and on the surface there are the T slots used to clamp the various parts to be machined. N°2 T slot in H7 grade allow precise clampings Thanks to the stiffness and higher thickness of the basements, the load capacity is 22500 kg OVERHEAD CROSS RAIL It is built in welded steel duly ribbed and duly stabilized, with accurate magneto-static check of the weldings (MAGNAFLUX). At the two ends of the slide there are the carriages for its movement along the main structure as previously described. On the front of the cross slide there are the...

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plastic mould / Spritzgieß-Formen

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milling - turning / Fräsen - Drehen

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TOE head - why orthogonal axes TOE-Kopf - Warum orthogonal? The shape of the TOE head has been designed to reduce drastically the length of the tools when machining in deep cavities.For the same reason, the electrospindle has a longer snout compared to the standard spindles. Quite evident are the advantages to work with shorter tools 16 1. Less vibrations 2. Better machined surface quality 3. Higher machining feed rates 4. Longer tool life 5. Easier programming and easier anti-collision check Die Form des TOE wurde gewählt um die Länge der Werkzeuge in tiefen Kavitäten drastisch zu...

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raskoof TOE 29 TECHNICAL DATA C-axis rotation (indexing) Clamping torque C-axis A-axis rotation (indexing) Clamping torque A-axis A-axis pivot length Spindle taper Spindle speed max Spindle power max Spindle torque max Speed range in constant power Speed range in constant torque Milling and turning option TECHNISCHE DATEN C-Achsen-Rotation Klemm-Moment A-Achse A-Achsen-Rotation Klemm-Moment C-Achse A-Achsen Pivot-Lange Werkzeugaufnahme Drehzahl max. Leistung max. Drehmoment Drehzahl mit konstanter Leistung Drehzahl mit konstantem Drehmoment Frasen-Drehen Option

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Travels: Longitudinal (X axis)    mm    1500 (+    330) options / Ootione 5-Achsen interpolierend Fraskopf TOE 41T mit 15000 min-1 (HSK 100) 16000min-1 (HSK 63A) Dreh- Frasspindel und Drehtisch Werkzeugwechsler 24-120 Platze Dach Nebel-/Staubabsaugung IKZ 30-50 bar Laser-Werkzeugvermessung Messtaster Elektronisches Handrad (Kabel oder Funk) Automatischer Palettenwechsler FULL 5 AXIS TOE HEAD HEAD TOE 41T 15000 rpm HSK100A / 16000 rpm HSK 63A MILLING AND TURNING SPINDLE ATC 24 - 120 ROOF FUMES ASPIRATION SYSTEM THROUGH SPINDLE COOLANT 30 - 50 bar LASER TOOL PRESETTING TOUCH PROBE REMOTE...

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large working range with small foot print Großer Arbeitsraum bei geringem Platzbedarf

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motomandrino motomandrino motor spindle Motorspindel

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HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 - SINUMERIK 840D sl HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 automazione ROBOT - PALLETTS automazioneROBOT - PALLETTS ROBOT - PALLETTS automation / Automation automazione automazione ROBOT - PALLETTS

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Pratt & Whitney Aircraft EDAC TECHNOLOGIES XT. EDAC Aero Rotating Components 4> ATK China National South HITCO CARBON COMPOSITES AVIATION PRECISION RESOURCE GENERALS ELECTRIC Cessna MECAFI Cjroupe Htmec Snecma Groupe SAFRA Groupe SAFRAN tmH TljBTL A Blades Technology Company AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGY Nuovo Pignone

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www.gruppoparpas.com I PAR PAS SpA Via Fiierae 21 35010 Cadoncghe (PD) Tel; +39 049 700711 Fa* : +39 049 703292 email: info@paipas.oom PARPAS AMERICA CORPORATION 791 Industrial Court Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48302 , USA Tel: +1 248-253-6000 Fa*: +1 248-253-6001 email: inloi@parpasamcrica.com □ " PARPAS AMERICA INC. 5425 Outer Drive Windsor, Ontario N9A 6J3, Canada Tet: +1 249-253-6000 Fa*: +1 246-253-6001 email: info@parpasamerica.cam

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