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VEL2193 Filter/Monitor - 16 Pages

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VEL2193 Filter/Monitor
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Catalogue excerpts

Monitor Cartridges for Aviation Fuel Handling aerospace climate control electromechanical filtration fluid & gas handling hydraulics pneumatics process control sealing & shielding Parker Velcon ENGINEERING SUCCESS.

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Typical Distribution System for Clean Dry Aviation Fuel - Fuel Monitor EI 1581 Specification, 5th Edition Terminal Storage Optional dehydrator, prefilter, and clay treater vessels are not required but are recommended to ensure delivery of clean dry fuel and to extend the life of the coalescer and separator cartridges in the filter/separator vessels. Tank Truck Dehydrator VCA® (Compliant with EI 1598) Clay Treater

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Airport Storage Three types of filter/separator vessels for various locations in an aviation fueling system: Three categories are based on specific fuel types: Category C: For commercial aviation turbine fuels Category M: For military aviation turbine fuels and JP-8 Type S: Capable of handling significant amounts of water and dirt in the fuel Type S-LD: Capable of handling significant water and low dirt content Category M100: For thermal stability enhanced JP-8 military aviation turbine fuels Type S-LW: Capable of handling significant dirt and low water content General Aviation Typical Type S-LW...

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CDF® Fuel Monitor Cartridges EI 1583 6th Edition P Series Field Proven: CDF® Replacement Cartridges Assure Clean Dry Fuel Delivery FEATURES • CDF® P SERIES are qualified to EI 1583 Sixth Edition specification for aviation fuel filter monitors • IMPROVED SALT WATER PERFORMANCE • CONDUCTIVE END CAPS and adhesive to reduce static charge within the vessel. • O-RING SEAL minimizes the possibility of bypassing contaminated fuel at differential pressures up to 175 psi. • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION collapse strength exceeds 175 psi differential pressure. DESCRIPTION The Parker Velcon CDF® P Series cartridges...

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EI SPECIFICATION 1583 6TH EDITION INFORMATION Parker Velcon's CDF®-P Series Cartridges incorporate several structural features due to requirements of the Sixth Edition of EI 1583. Some of these include: • Increased product conductivity to decrease the risk of electrostatic discharges • Improved media structure to lower the risk of media migration • Lower initial DP - a major factor for installations that require changing cartridges at 15 PSID. • New structure that provides longer cartridge life in the presence of small amounts of water Some of the requirements of the sixth edition of EI 1583 are: •...

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Aquacon® ACO Aviation Fuel Filter Monitor Cartridges EI 1583 6th Edition P Series 6” OD Aviation Fuel Filter Monitor Remove Water and Dirt from Jet Fuel and Avgas Outside-to-In Flow Cartridges FEATURES • Free and emulsified water removal to less than 5 ppm • 1/2 micron particle removal • Provides protection against “slugs” of water • Pressure increase signals need for cartridge change • Use with existing filter housings DESCRIPTION Patented Aquacon® Filter Cartridges have a unique high-capacity inner absorbent medium which removes all free and emulsified water from hydrocarbon fuels down to less...

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20    Fits Purolator Vessel PR-172-3 Use with head SPH-2 Rellumit Replacement Use with head SPH-3 Replaces Facet C-707; Purolator Vessel PAG-50 Rellumit Replacement Replaces Facet C-706 and Keene BP-419, BP-518 Rellumit Replacement Fits VF-61 Housing Fits VF-61 Housing Omeco 6” x 8” Replacement Fits Fram/Facet VFCS-21 (Element CC-21-7); VF-609 Fits Fram/Facet VFCS-21 (Element CC-21-7); VF-609 Fits Fram/Facet VFCS-22 (Element CC-22-7) Qualified to EI 1583 6th Edition Qualified to EI 1583 6th Edition Qualified to EI 1583 6th Edition Qualified to EI 1583 6th Edition Qualified to EI 1583 6th Edition Qualified...

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Patented1Aquacon® Filter Cartridges have a unique high-capacity inner filter media which removes all free and emulsified water from hydrocarbon fuels down to less than 5 ppm in the effluent. Absorbed water is chemically locked into this medium. When a cartridge reaches its water holding capacity, its accordion pleats swell, and cause an increase in the differential pressure which signals the operator to change the cartridge. Solid contaminants are removed by the cartridge’s two particulate filter media layers. The pleated accordion style design provides a large surface area for maximum dirt holding...

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CARTRIDGE SELECTION TABLE 3 y” ID Open-Ends Screw Base/ Blind 3 y2” ID Open-Ends Screw Base/ Blind 3 y” ID Open-Ends Screw Base/ Blind 3 y” ID Open-Ends Screw Base/ Blind 2” ID Open-Ends 3 y” ID Open-Ends Screw Base/ Blind 3 y” ID Open-Ends Screw Base/ Blind 3 y” ID Open-Ends Screw Base/ Blind 1 Overall length does not include the 1" bolt for the ACI-6xx01PTB threaded base ACI's. Note: Drain vessels equipped with the ACI Aquacon" Cartridges on a daily basis from an upstream drain to ensure upstream water is removed to prolong element life. TECHNICAL INFORMATION 1. Maximum exposure temperature...

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Head    Head    Parallel Flow Head FEATURES • Convenient Spin-On Design • Removes free and emulsified water removal to less than 5 ppm, typical • Filters out dirt and other particles to a / micron nominal rating • Choice of four mounting head styles DESCRIPTION ACO-40501SPL is the popular 3 %” diameter x 5 /” long size. The ACO-40901SPL is 3 %” diameter x 8 /” long. Four mounting head styles are offered for use with these two cartridges. Refer to the back side of this sheet for details. When an Aquacon® spin-on cartridge reaches its water holding capacity, its accordion pleats swell and cause...

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AVIATION AQUACON® ACO-40501SPP AND ACO-40901SPP SPIN-ON FILTERS CARTRIDGE TECHNICAL INFORMATION Maximum Operating Pressure: 50 psi Maximum Operating Temperature: 200°F 1/2 micron nominal filtration rating at 98+% efficiency. Cartridges do not remove soluble (dissolved) water. Gaskets are Buna-N. 1. Differential pressure across head and cartridge at recommended maximum flow is 5 psi or less. 4. SPH-5 allows parallel flow through two cartridges. 5. Heads have no internal bypass. Flow will stop if cartridges plug-up. 7. SPH-3, -4, and -5 have steel bushings or nipples for adapting to ACO-40901SPP. They...

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