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VEL2178 Vessels/Housings - 52 Pages

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VEL2178 Vessels/Housings
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Catalog excerpts

Vessels and Housings for Aviation Fuel Filtration aerospace climate control electromechanical filtration fluid & gas handling hydraulics pneumatics process control sealing & shielding Parker Velcon ENGINEERING (01 SUCCESS.

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Typical Distribution System for Clean Dry Aviation Fuel Terminal Storage Optional dehydrator, prefilter, and clay treater vessels are not required but are recommended to ensure delivery of clean dry fuel and to extend the life of the coalescer and separator cartridges in the filter/separator vessels. Tank Truck Dehydrator VCA® (Compliant with EI 1598) Clay Treater

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Vertical Filter/Separator EI1581 Qualified VV Series.. 24 Horizontal Filter/Separator HV Series for Military Facilities 32 Airport Storage Category C: For commercial aviation turbine fuels Three types of filter/separator vessels for various locations in an aviation fueling system: Three categories are based on specific fuel types: Category M: For military aviation turbine fuels and JP-8 Type S: Capable of handling significant amounts of water and dirt in the fuel Type S-LD: Capable of handling significant water and low dirt content Category M100: For thermal stability enhanced JP-8 military aviation...

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Small Filter Housings VF-31E Clean Dry Fuels with High Performance Aquacon® Filter Cartridges FEATURES: • Free and emulsified water to less than 5 ppm • 1/2 micrometer particulate removal • Provides protection against “slugs” of water • Pressure increase signals cartridge change • Use with existing filter housings APPLICATIONS • Kerosene • Diesel • Biodiesel • Gasoline • Compressed Air and Other Gasses DESCRIPTION The VF-31E is a versatile filter housing designed for use with several different high performance Aquacon filter cartridges. Cartridges are offered for the optimum filtration of aviation fuel...

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CAUTION Do not use Aquacon absorbent cartridges (AC, ACO or AD Series) with premixed jet fuel containing anti-icing additives, or with gasoline/alcohol blends. Dimensions are for estimating purposes only. SPECIFICATION: • Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi • Material: cast aluminum head, carbon steel bowl with TGIC-Polyester coated interior and exterior • Inlet/Outlet Connection: 1” NPT • Inlet/Outlet face-to-face: 4” • Mounting holes in head: four 1/4-20 NC • Seal: Buna-N gasket • Height: 13.50” without Petcock, 14.50” with Petcock • Weight: 3 lbs., 15 oz. • Shipping Weight: 4 lbs., 15 oz. •...

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Small Filter Housings VF-609 Clean Dry Fuels with High Performance Aquacon® Filter Cartridges for Helicopter Refueling and Dispensing Pumps The VF-609 uses high performance Aquacon filter cartridges. Model above is shown without optional gauge. FEATURES • Positive Water Removal -Aquacon cartridges remove free and emulsified water from fuels • Positive Water Holding -filtered water is chemically locked in and can’t be squeezed out • Pressure Increase signals cartridge change • Effective Dirt Removal - 98% + efficiency for 1/2, 5, or 25 micrometer particles APPLICATIONS • Jet Fuel • Avgas DESCRIPTION The...

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Color Green Yellow Red ORDERING INFORMATION • VF-609 unit is supplied with G-0565 Buna-N O-Ring and W vent valve and y?” drain valve. • Cartridges are not supplied and must be ordered separately. • Viton O-Rings (P/N G-0565A) are recommended for gasoline and solvent applications. • Optional Differential Pressure Gauge Assembly is P/N 07-224. • Optional mounting block for gauge, PN 07-224AMB. • Optional Drain Valve Part Number 554Y020 is a Carbon Steel y2” NPT Ball Valve, with Mounting nipple. RECOMMENDED SPARES: • 1 each G-0565 Buna-N O-Ring (or 2 each G-0565A Viton O-Rings) • 6 each cartridges OPTIONAL...

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Small Filter Housings VF-61, VF-61E, VF-62 Clean Dry Fuels with High Performance Aquacon® Filter Cartridges FEATURES • Free and emulsified water to less than 5 ppm • 1/2 micrometer particulate removal • Provides protection against “slugs” of water • Pressure increase signals cartridge change • Use with existing filter housings APPLICATIONS • Jet Fuel • Avgas • Kerosene • Gasoline VF-61 with Optional DP Gauge VF-61E with Band Clamp Closure VF-62 with Optional Hand Knobs DESCRIPTION The VF-61, VF-61E, and VF-62 are versatile filter housings designed for use with several different high performance...

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DIMENSIONAL DRAWINGS Drawings are not to scale. Dimensions are shown for estimating purposes only. Allow 6 inches (15.2 cm) below the vessel to safely remove the vessel to gain access to the cartridge. VF61 Bolts (Optional: 10” with bolts) 8-1/2” (22.2cm) Optional CK-1488 Handles When assembled, the outside diameter becomes 10” (25.4cm) Optional CK-1488 Handles When assembled, the outside length becomes 10” (25.4cm) 32-1/2” (81.92cm) VF-61E has a band clamp closure. Use in areas with limited space. FILTER CARTRIDGE SELECTION Product being filtered Jet Fuel & Avgas(1) Application Dirt & Free water Type...

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CAUTION To protect the fuel system, including the filter housing & other components, be sure to install pressure relief valve(s). Do not use Aquacon® absorbent cartridges (AC, ACO, AD or ASL Series) with pre-mixed jet fuel containing anti-icing additives, or with gasoline/alcohol blends. OPTIONAL DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE GAUGE PN:10678 Color Indicates Pressure Drop Green: Clean 0 - 15 psi Red: Change 16 - 25 psi OVER PRESSURE PROTECTION When exposed to a high concentration of water, the differential pressure across an absorbent cartridge (AC, ACO, AD, or ASL Series cartridges) will immediately increase....

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DESCRIPTION This unit measures pressure difference between two points. The gauge allows for a simple reading on an easy-to-read scale. A red/green dial with a breakpoint located at 15 psid alerts the user of the condition of the process. This kit consists of the following components: • Differential Pressure Gauge: aluminum body, 1/8" NPT bottom, 1" molded lens & 0-20 psid scale • Compression Fittings: 4 straight, 2 90° elbow • 1/4 O.D. Copper Tubing OPERATION When the needle is in the green zone of the gauge during normal flow, the differential pressure is less than 15 psid across the installed...

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