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VEL2159 Pre-filter/Microfilters - 16 Pages

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VEL2159 Pre-filter/Microfilters
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Catalog excerpts

Micronic Filters for Aviation Fuel Handling Ell 590, FO, FOW, DC, FOH, FI aerospace climate control electromechanical fluid & gas handling hydraulics pneumatics process control sealing & shielding Parker Velcon ENGINEERING YOUR SUCCESS.

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Typical Distribution System for Clean Dry Aviation Fuel - Micronic Filters EI 1581 Specification, 5th Edition Terminal Storage Optional dehydrator, prefilter, and clay treater vessels are not required but are recommended to ensure delivery of clean dry fuel and to extend the life of the coalescer and separator cartridges in the filter/separator vessels. Tank Truck Dehydrator VCA® (Compliant with EI 1598) Clay Treater

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Three types of filter/separator vessels for various locations in an aviation fueling system: Three categories are based on specific fuel types: Category C: For commercial aviation turbine fuels Category M: For military aviation turbine fuels and JP-8 Type S: Capable of handling significant amounts of water and dirt in the fuel Type S-LD: Capable of handling significant water and low dirt content Category M100: For thermal stability enhanced JP-8 military aviation turbine fuels Type S-LW: Capable of handling significant dirt and low water content General Aviation Typical Type S-LW Locations (as...

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• Primarily designed to be used as prefilter (micronic) cartridges for use in jet fuel handling systems. • Used to extend the life of coalescer cartridges in filter/separator vessels described in EI 1581. DESCRIPTION Parker Velcon has qualified cellulose and microfiberglass media filter cartridges to EI Specification 1590, “Specifications and Qualification Procedures for Aviation Fuel Microfilters.” • UP TO THREE TIMES GREATER SOLIDS CAPACITY than regular pleated paper cartridges • Large Surface Area - Allows high flow rate with low initial pressure drop and maximum contaminant holding capacity. •...

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Pleated Media Filter Cartridges High Efficiency, Long Life Cartridges for Aviation Fuel FO Series  Large Surface Area – Allows high flow rate with low initial pressure drop and maximum contaminant holding capacity.  Resin Impregnated Media – Maintains strength, resists effects of water and heat.  75 psi Collapse Strength – Heavy gauge carbon steel endcaps and center tube give safety margin against pressure surges.  Coated Steel Components – Resist corrosion from most industrial fluids.  Corrugated Media – Prevents pleat pinch-off, assuring all filtration media is utilized.  Buna-N Gaskets...

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CARTRIDGE INFORMATION The following table lists a few of the broad range of available Parker Velcon cartridges. Your local Parker Velcon representative can provide more complete information.

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Fuel Filter FOW Series for Solids Removal Only. Provide Protection Against Solids in Pre-mixed Fuel Containing Anti-Icing Additive FEATURES • CONDUCTIVE END CAPS and end cap adhesive reduce static charge within the vessel. • O-RING SEAL minimizes the possibility of bypassing contaminated fuel. • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION provides collapse strength exceeding 175 psi differential pressure. • Recommended changeout: 25 psid • One-half (1/2) micron filtration rating • Can be used in fuels containing anti-icing additives (DiEGME, FSII, Prist®) DESCRIPTION The Parker Velcon FOW cartridges are designed to provide...

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SPECIFICATIONS AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION • 175 psid (12 bar) collapse strength • 160°F maximum operating temperature • Recommended changeout differential pressure: 25 psid • Daily draining of monitor vessel and of water bottoms upstream of the elements is IMPERATIVE. • For service life information, please refer to Operating Procedures or consult your company fuel handling procedures. ORDERING INFORMATION • Specify Parker Velcon Model Number from table below. • Cartridges are packaged 20 per carton. Epoxy Bonded Conductive Plastic -Endcaps High Strength - Plastic Center Core Fine Filter Media Protective...

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Disposable Cartridges DC Series & Permanent Filter Core Kits CK-1479, CK-1480, CK-1481, CK-1482 High Efficiency, Long Life Cartridges for Aviation Fuel BENEFITS • Disposable, Crushable and Incinerable • Provides a convenient, cost-efficient method to recycle the volume of material you send to hazardous waste disposal facilities and by minimizing the time you spend on regulatory compliance record keeping, reporting and tracking. • Lightweight, easy handling during installation and change-outs • Dispose in accordance to Federal, State or Provincial, and Local regulations FEATURES • Large Surface...

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CARTRIDGES - DC SERIES All DC Series cartridges are 6" outside diameter and are offered in four lengths: 14" 29" 44” and 58': SPECIFICATIONS • Micron Ratings 1 and 5 microns • 98% + Nominal Filtration Efficiency • 5 - 9 Operating pH range • 200° F Maximum Operating Temp Interchangeable with Facet CIF Disposable Cartridges - to use the Parker Velcon Disposable Cartridges, DC-Series, you must first have an Installation Kit installed. FILTER CROSS- TABLE - DC SERIES PERMANENT FILTER CORE KITS - CK-1479, CK-1480, CK-1481, & CK-1482 Parker Velcon's permanent filter core kits mount easily into filter...

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The Parker Velcon FI Series of Inside-to-Out flow filter cartridges are specially designed to replace the coalescer elements in filter-separator vessels. The FI filter cartridges are excellent choices to reduce filtration costs when flushing new systems, or when a filter/separator vessel is used to remove particulate matter only and not water. (Many surplus F/S vessels in the field have been used as pre-filter/micronic vessels.) The FG suffix, all fiberglass filter elements (e.g., Fl-644FG5), are intended for colloidal or slimy type matter; whereas the PL suffix, pleated paper filter elements...

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CARTRIDGE INFORMATION The following table lists the sizes and features of the available Fl Series cartridges. Your local Parker Velcon Representative can provide more complete information. Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass Pleated Paper Fiberglass Pleated Paper Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass Pleated Paper Pleated Paper Pleated Paper Pleated Paper Pleated Paper Pleated Paper Pleated Paper Pleated Paper Pleated Paper Pleated Paper Pleated Paper Pleated Paper Pleated Paper Threaded Base Threaded Base Threaded Base Open Ends Threaded Base Open Ends Open Ends Threaded Base Open Ends Threaded Base Open...

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