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Pallet Coupler

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PRODUCT INFORMATION OF PALLET COUPLERS CERTIFICATIONS: Please note that all couplers are non-certified. DESCRIPTION: PalNet has a complete range of pallet couplers for all different types of pallets. Pallet couplers are used to connect two pallets together, to increase space for cargo freight. Our ISO Couplers for heavy duty pallets are anodized red (20ft.) and blue (16ft.) in order to differentiate between the two types as the 16ft. coupler is slightly longer. PMC COUPLER PMC COUPLER: Well-designed PMC coupler to connect two PMC pallets together. The coupler has two axles to adjust high differences during the load process and avoid bended edge rails at the pallets. stain less steel studs light weight easy to connect 20ft. COUPLER: This coupler is designed for 20ft. Standard Heavy Duty pallets that have no marine pins. Same design and function like our PMC coupler, but with more single studs to take heavier load. 20ft. ISO / 16ft. ISO COUPLER: The ISO-couplers are designed for the use of 20ft. and 16ft. heavy duty pallets equipped with marine pins to accommodate a 20ft. container or to couple two 20ft. or 16ft. pallets. The PalNet couplers are of universal use, i.e. they can be used on all existing manufacturers pallet. The 20ft. ISO coupler comes with a red anodized finish and the 16ft. ISO coupler in blue for an easy identification between 20ft. and 16ft. coupler. 20ft. ISO / 16ft. ISO COUPLER All Pallet Coupler comes with an User Manual including an Illustrated Parts List. PalNet GmbH Air Cargo Products  ·  Vulkanstraße 10  ·  D-54578 Wiesbaum +49 6593 980 93 -0   ·   +49 6593 980 93 -17   ·   info@palnet-

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