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Heavy Duty Pallets

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PRODUCT INFORMATION OF HEAVY DUTY CARGO PALLETS Pallet Size Tare weight CERTIFICATIONS: PalNet air cargo pallets are certified according to NAS 3610, Rev. 10 / ETSO-C90c / TSO C90c and are approved by EASA and FAA. PalNet GmbH Air Cargo Products is an Approved Manufacturing Organisation, LBA DE.21G.0151, and holder of Alternate Procedures to Design Organisation Approval (AP to DOA) No. AP152. DESCRIPTION: The pallet consists of a frame of strong extrusions along the perimeter of the pallet. Horizontally the edge rails have a continuous seat track, vertically the seat track is equipped with 3-g holes between the side lock blocks (20ft. and 16ft.). The edge rails have net attachment points according to NAS 3610. The pallet core consists of longitudinal double-t stringers as stiffeners which are connected to the pallet frame. The top and bottom sheets are riveted to the pallet frame and the stiffeners by heavy duty blind rivets with a diameter of 6.4 mm. The internal corners are of solid aluminium. The side lock blocks of the 20ft. and 16ft. pallets are vertically attached to the edge rails by bolts and nuts. ODLN sticker is also standard. OPTIONS: Edge rails can be anodized or powder coated according to customer`s request. Nets can be permanently attached. Airline logo can be painted in the middle of the sheet. Bar codes can be fixed either in the seat track or on the edge rail. 20ft. and 16ft. pallets can be ordered with marine pins to take 20ft. containers or to couple two pallets with each other. 16ft. pallets can be equipped with additional sea tracks on the top plate for fixing car racks. CMM can be ordered through our website www.palnet-acp.com/cmms.html PalNet GmbH Air Cargo Products  ·  Vulkanstraße 10  ·  D-54578 Wiesbaum +49 6593 980 93 -0   ·   +49 6593 980 93 -17

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