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AX3 - 72 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

AX3 PARTS CATALOGUE Issue 3 Pegasus Aviation, Elm Tree Park, Manton, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 1PS, UK Telephone: +44 (0)1672 861578 Fax: +44 (0) 1672 861550 sales@pegasusaviation.co.uk www.pegasusaviation.co.uk

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Section    Page Rear Enclosure Assembly 34 Rear Undercarriage Assembly    37 Front Undercarriage Assembly    40 Cockpit Floor Assembly    42 Brake System Assembly    44 Elevator Control Assembly    50 Power Plant Assembly    54 Fuel System Assembly    56 Throttle and Choke Assembly    61 Intruments, Electrics and Accessories    69

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Item    Part Number    Description Keel tube (2 5/8 tube - SEE NOTE) Rear cockpit tube Undercarriage leg assembly As 101 559 but without chamfers or recess at inboard end Undercarriage leg (composite part only) Nose tube Foot rest tube Cockpit floor tube Underseat tube Front support tube Cockpit side tube right Cockpit side tube left Rear support tube Sub-fin leading edge tube Sub-fin trailing edge tube Sub-fin trailing edge tube    (for use with 2 5/8 keel Main axis assembly (UK spec. aircraft) - see Detail 15 Main axis (non-UK spec. aircraft only) Engine support Nose tube channel bracket Cockpit...

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Aileron stop Aileron cable pulley Rubber mount Shoulder harness Seat belt spacer Saddle washer (1,8) Plastic saddle washer (8mm) Saddle washer (3,8,8,6) Saddle washer (2,6,6) Pastic saddle washer (6mm) Saddle washer (2,8,6) Crush tube (small) - original keel Crush tube (small) - 2 5/8 keel 5/16” washer 1/4 steel washer Plastic washer (6mm x 1mm thick) 8mm washer O.D. 13/0.8 mm Plastic washer (8mm x dia 18) 1/4” washer OR 5/16” washer Buffer moulding Cable tie (white, medium) DU bearing M8 nyloc nut P-type M6 nyloc nut T-type M6 castle nut M8 * 120 hex bolt M8 * 185 hex bolt M6 * 16 set screw M6...

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Main axis brace wire Lower harness M8 * 85 hex bolt 5/16” * 1 1/4” washer M8 nyloc nut P-type Cable tie (white, large) M8 nyloc nut T-type OR M6 nyloc nut T-type M8 * 35 hex bolt OR M6 * 35 hex bolt 8mm washer O.D. 13/0.8mm Sub-fin cover N.B. The original keel tube material is no longer available and therefore the original keel has been replaced by part number 101564N. This necessitates change of the following parts also: Stabilisor bracket 100901L replaced by 100901LN Stabilisor bracket 100901R replaced by 100901RN Support plate 100472 replaced by 100473 Sub-fin trailing edge tube 100861 replaced...

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M8 nyloc nut T-type M6 wing nut Wing root bracket Saddle washer (1,8) 5/8” safety ring c/w locator tab Wing batten no. 1 - left hand (inc. batten ends) Wing batten no. 1 - right hand (inc. batten ends) Wing batten no. 1A - left hand (aircraft CA/C/2083047 to 51only) (including batten ends) Wing batten no. 1A - right hand (aircraft CA/C/2083047 51only) (including Wing batten no. 2 - left hand (inc. batten ends) Wing batten no. 2 - right hand (inc. batten ends) Wing batten no. 3 - left hand (inc. batten ends) Wing batten no. 3 - right hand (inc. batten ends) Wing batten no. 4 - left hand (inc. batten...

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1/8” * 1/2” aluminium pop rivet 5 mm bungee (state length required) Aileron horn tube Aileron return cable Cable adjuster (left hand aileron only) Aileron cable shackle Aileron cable assembly Clevis pin part of shackle used only End plug - black Plastic washer (8mm x 3mm thick) M6 x 80 hex ht bolt (70mm psl) * The original leading edge material is no longer available. If replacing the leading edge, order also item 43 (FBM8-100) and item 90 (ZMF-021). Replacement leading edges also have a lighter modified tip casting, but therefore require the tip tube (item 3) to be replaced with a slightly different...

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Item    Part Number    Description Headrest Seat back cover (without tank straps) (narrow seats) Seat back cover (with tank straps) Seat back cover (wide seats) Seat base foam Seat base cover Plywood seat base Head rest tube - narrow seats Head rest tube - wide seats Seat back tube - right hand Seat back tube - left hand Seat base tube Cockpit floor tube Underseat tube Head rest support cable - narrow seats - original keel Head rest support cable - wide seats - original keel Head rest support cable - narrow seats - 2 5/8 keel Head rest support cable - wide seats - 2 5/8 keel Stainless bracket No....

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Original seats are the narrow specification, however wide seats are necessary with the AX2000 fuel system assembly if replacing an original fuel tank (original fuel tank no longer available - see Fuel Assembly).

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Part Number    Description Horizontal stabilisor leading edge connection tube Horizontal stabilisor leading edge tube Horizontal stabilisor outer batten - left (inc. batten ends) Horizontal stabilisor outer batten - right (inc. batten Red batten ends - left hand Green batten ends - right hand Horizontal stabilisor inner batten - left (inc. batten ends) Horizontal stabilisor inner batten - right (inc. batten ends) Horizontal stabilisor trailing edge tube Elevator leading edge tube Elevator trailing edge tube Trim tab Trim tab horn tube Horizontal stabilisor strut Horizontal stabilisor cover (specify...

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Item    Part Number    Description Plastic nose wheel (machined for bearings, bearings Plastic nose wheel (not machined for bearings) Nose wheel axle tube Front fork Shock absorber assembly Steering head Footrest tube Long track rod (left hand) Short track rod (right hand) Long track rod (left hand - alternative) Short track rod (right hand - alternative) M6/6mm rose joint M6 rod end bearing (alternative) Front fork channel Steering head bush Nose wheel spacer 25mm 1 45 mm washer Nylon spacer (5mm) 8mm plastic washer (3mm thick) 8mm plastic washer (dia 18) 10mm washer - thick and trimmed M8 1...

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Item    Part Number    Description Trim plate Trim wheel (plastic pulley) (see note below) Trim wheel centre bush (see note below) Trim cable inner Trim cable outer (state length required) Trim cable protective sleeve (6mm enots tube) (state M5 cable adjuster 2 1/2” jubilee clip M6 * 100 hex bolt 1/4 steel washer Plastic washer (6mm * dia 16) M6 castle nut 2 1/2“ jubilee clip M4 * 20 hex set screw Trim lever M8 nyloc nut P-type M6 nyloc nut T-type Leading edge channel spacer M6 * 35mm counter sunk skt cap M8 * 20 hx ht set screw M4 nyloc nut P-type Support plate M5 nyloc nut T-type Nylon spacer...

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