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ois Aerospace - 23 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Strategic Manufacturing Network 4 Upgrades & Systems Integration 5 Ground Support Equipment/Systems 6 Mechanical Parts & Assemblies 8 Rugged Computers, Displays, Consoles 11 PTFE / ETFE / FEP Insulated Wires, Cables 13 Hydraulic Service Trolleys, Test Benches 16 Pneumatic Control & Guidance Subsystems 17 Rugged ATRs, Backplanes for Avionics 18 Tooling jigs and fixtures 27 Fasteners for Aerospace Industry 29 Design and Analysis of Complex Systems for Aerospace 31 Electronic Technical Documentation & E-Learning Solutions 33 Sky Arrow: VLA (Very Light Aircarft) 38

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India is one of the fastest growing Civil and Military Aviation markets. OIS AeroSpace, a member of the OIS Group of companies, is well positioned to leverage rapidly emerging opportunities in aerospace. OIS is a family of companies that are working vigorously towards its mission to establish itself as the leader in India for the entire value chain of dual-use technologies including research, development and manufacture of state-of-the art products, to the delivery system integration solutions for the domestic and international market. OIS AeroSpace has a broad portfolio of skills and capabilities...

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AVIONICS Avionics is a key technology area of Aerospace platforms. Without strength in electronics; OIS Aerospace’s initial focus is on the following areas; • Development of IFF Equipment, Multifunction Keyboards, Cockpit Displays. • Build to print and Build to specs LRUs. • Design and development of Test Jigs/Test Stations for product testing including qualification testing of LRUs in select domains. This includes setting up of specified environmental facilities. Maintenance and long term support for repair of LRUs, with requisite inventory of components. Typical items include Multifunction Displays,...

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Design and development of Avionics subsystems. Pneumatic Controls and Actuation Systems Service Trolleys, Test Benches for Hydraulic Components and Systems Test and Ground Support Test Benches for Avionics Subsystems IETM based Documentation and E-Learning solutions. MRO Strategic Manufacturing Network Strategic partnerships are key for the Aerospace and Defence business due to the longer life cycles of the products and associated services. Aerospace products and services involves complex and high technologies and require well trained/experienced people. Considering these attributes, globally...

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Ground Support Equipment/ Systems Ground Support Equipment (GSE) plays an important role in the Aerospace sector when it comes to services for passengers, cargo and the aircraft. OIS AeroSpace has its focus on the equipment/systems which are for supporting the operational role of aircraft. Major systems/equipment include Air Start Unit (ASUs) Ground Power Units (GPUs) Air Conditioning Units (ACUs) Aircraft Refuelers Units and Hydraulic Service Trolleys. These GSEs are available in a wide range of capacities to suit various types of air platforms. Design and manufacturing capabilities are available...

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MECHANICAL PARTS & ASSEMBLIES 1.0 PRECISION MACHINED PARTS 1.1 CAPABILITIES A1) CNC Vertical Machining Centre Vertical Machining Centre (5 Axes) A2) CNC Vertical Machining Centre (5 Axes) A3) CNC Vertical Machining Centre Vertical Machining Centre B) CNC EDM Wire Cut • • • • Vertical Machining Centre Max Job Size: 300mm (L),200mm (W), 250mm (H) Max Job weight: 300 Kg Accuracy: 10 Microns Surface Finish: 0.8 Micron • Max Job Size: 1035mm (L), 550mm (W), 500mm (H) • Accuracy: +/- 20 Microns • Surface Finish: 0.8 to 1.6 Micron • Max Job Size: 1800mm (L), 700mm (W), 700mm (H) • Accuracy: +/- 20 Microns...

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Coupling Flange (Titanium) Precision Machined Missile Parts Precision Turning Components Wax Patterns Castings of Aerospace Parts RUGGED COMPUTERS, DISPLAYS, CONSOLES Rugged Portable/Panel Computers Aerospace Part Missile Part 3D CMM Inspection System Dial Callipers Slip Gauges Micrometers Digital Height Master Dial Indicators Optical Projector Hardness Testing Machines Ultrasonic Testing Hydraulic Pressure Testing Vacuum Leak Testing Surface Finish Measurement Plating Thickness Measurement Rugged Portable Computer Applications: • Portable Surveillance Systems • Portable Control Systems for UAV...

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PTFE/FEP Insulated Wires, Cables Applications: • Ground Control Systems for UAV / Missile / Radar programs • Outdoor/Field Operation Systems Airborne Display Console Features: • • • • Single-Head Display Console Complies to MIL-STD-1472F MIL-STD-810F MIL-STD-461E Hookup Wires Coaxial/Shielded Cables Corona Resistant High Voltage Wires Multi-Core Round Cables Heating Wires Thermo-couple wires Sleeves (non-shrinkable) Flat-Ribbon Cables Special Products Accreditations Airborne Display Console Hook up wire – Stripe and non-stripe • Wire size from 36 AWG to 4 AWG • Various stripe possibilities • As...

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Flat Cable Flat Cables Special Products • Various kind of flat cable from 2 to 50 core • Inter row spacing: 1.27 mm, 1.4 mm , 1.12 mm • Can have 2 different conductor in single flat cable to provide efficient harness • Different (Standard and customized) inter row spacing possible • Different colour combination – all different colour to 1 different colour possible • Very good in to and fro movement or limited space e.g. Missile • Triaxial, Mini Coaxial Cables • Super Screened Cables Tests Conducted Coaxial Cables High Voltage Cables High Voltage Cables • 4 KV AC (9 KV DC) to 22 KV AC (50 KV DC)...

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Hydraulic Service Trolleys, Test Benches Pneumatic Control & Guidance Subsystems Pneumatic Systems • Aircraft Hydraulics • Helicopter Hydraulics Ground Systems • Actuation Systems for ground launching vehicles • Missile Seeker cooling systems Customised Test Benches Service Trolley • Hydraulic cylinder / components test bench. • Hydraulic Motor test bench. • Hydraulic Pump test bench Aerospace Systems High Pressure Dryer Missile Systems Test Bench Applications Test Bench Overhauling of Hydraulic Cylinders Replacement of cylinder seals / components Testing of Hydraulic Cylinders Testing of Hydraulic...

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