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Carbon-based BALINITcoatings

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oerlikon balzers Carbon-based BALINIT coatings The DLC coating series that makes plastic processing productive and efficient

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Tribological systems are exposed to extreme mechanical stresses. That‘s why an optimised surface coating of your plastic injection molds is so essential: It reduces wear in heavily stressed zones, increases the service life of your molds, and boosts the productivity of your manufacturing process. Trust the DLC coating series developed by Oerlikon Balzers: BALINIT® C, BALINIT® TRITON, BALINIT® HARD CARBON, BALINIT® DYLYN, BALINIT® DYLYN PLUS, and BALINIT® DYLYN PRO coatings feature outstanding properties: Lower coefficient    Extreme of friction    coating hardness Inert surface chemistry...

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Whether electrical, electronic, med-tech, pharma or packaging: In many industries, our DLC coatings are pivotal elements inreliable, high-performance plastics processing environments. BALINIT® DYLYN PRO or BALINIT® DYLYN PLUS e.g. for thread cores for cap molds Service life up to 10 million parts repolishing required Extra corrosion resistance for CuBe cooling cores BALINIT® C and BALINIT® DYLYN e.g. for ejectors and slider systems Reduced mold servicing effort Streamlined production BALINIT® HARD CARBON and BALINIT® DYLYN PLUS e.g. for bellows form segment ■Reduced adhesion ■Less...

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Headquarters Balzers Oerlikon Balzers Coating AG Balzers Technology and Service Centre Iramali 18 LI-9496 Balzers Liechtenstein T +423 388 7500 Germany Oerlikon Balzers Coating Germany GmbH Am Ockenheimer Graben 41 D-55411 Bingen T +49 67 21 7 93-0 Mexico Oerlikon Balzers Coating Mexico, S.A. de C.V Acceso III No. 304 y 306 Colonia Industrial La Montana C.P 76150 Queretaro, Qro. T +52 442 209 68 00 You can find a full listing of our locations at: Brazil Oerlikon Balzers...

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