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LIRT - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

www.ocem.com ocem@ocem.com LED INSET THRESHOLD AND THRESHOLD WING BAR LIGHT COMPLIANCES ICAO: Annex 14 - Volume I Fig. A2-3 and A2-4 FAA: L-850E(L) AC150/5345-46 and EB No.67 IEC: TS 61827 NATO: STANAG 3316 CAA: CAP 168 IAAE: TP312 Threshold and Threshold Wing Bar for ICAO CAT I, II and III, FAA and military runways 60000 hours LED rated life at full intensity, but over 100000 hours in field operating conditions In new installation, LED lights mean lower loads, lower size of CCRs and transformers, thus low life cycle costs The light output is variable like a traditional halogen lamp, as indicated by the FAA “Engineering Briefing No.67” Colour emitted directly by LEDs: absence of coloured filters ensures no energy losses and no colour shifts Fully compatible with existing AFL infrastracture* Designed with simplicity allowing longer maintenance intervals and fewer spare parts No use of sealant to fix the prisms in the dome thanks to customized gaskets, making their replacement quick and easy No optical adjustment after LED module or prism replacement Valve for watertightness test after overhaul Operating with any topology of CCRs designed in compliance with IEC or FAA requirements * For monitored fixtures, isolation transformer max size: 200VA The electronic is strong-built and highly resistant to shock and vibration Automatic adaptation to the frequency of the supply current A surge protection device is provided in the electronics as required by the FAA “Engineering Briefing No.67” Immediate detection of an internal fault 6.35 mm protrusion strongly reduces vibrations to aircrafts and to light itself, increasing its lifetime Dome smooth outer profile makes the light less sensitive to snowplough blades Unidirectional, 12" dia. Drop-forged dome and cast aluminium lower cover make the fitting sturdy, but lightweight too for ease handling in the field Light output practically not affected by heavy rainfall thanks to the shallow channel in front of the prism windows O-Ring placed outside the dome to avoid dirt deposits between light and base Protection degree: IP67 Temperature range: -55°C to +55°C

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www.ocem.com ocem@ocem.com Compliance*: F = FAA Threshold I = ICAO Threshold W = ICAO Threshold Wing Bar Monitoring: 0 = Without Monitoring M = With Monitoring Toe-in**: R = Left L = Right S = Straight Arctic Kit: 0 = Without Arctic Kit A = With Arctic Kit * Compliance “F” must be combined with Toe-in “S” only ** The beam aiming is not field adjustable Via della Solidarietà, 2/1 40056 Valsamoggia Loc. Crespellano – Bologna (Italy) Tel: +39 051 66 56 611 -

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REN EWAL PARTS FOR LIGHT UNIT 1 Dome with prisms and gaskets 2 O-Ring for dome (external) 3 O-Ring for dome (internal) 4 O-Ring for lower cover 5 Arctic Kit heater 6 Reflector with hardware (Threshold) Lens array (Threshold Wing Bar) 7 LED module with accessories 8 Lower cover with electronic, plug and valve 9 Valve for watertightness test 10 FAA L-823 plug 11 Arctic Kit thermostat 12 Prism Gasket 13 Prism 14 Prism holder gasket 15 Mounting plate Refer to the relevant technical manual for the complete list of the available spare parts ACCESSORIES 315.1230 Base L-868 type, class IA, size B, 24"...

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