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LIRC - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

APPLICATIONS Runway centreline for ICAO CAT I, II and III, FAA and military runways R.E.T.I.L. ICAO and FAA RWSL, THL and RIL (L-850T) applications BENEFITS •    60000 hours LED rated life at full intensity, but over 100000 hours in field operating conditions • In new installation, LED lights mean lower loads, lower size of CCRs and transformers, thus low life cycle costs •    The light output is variable like a traditional halogen lamp, as indicated by the FAA "Engineering Briefing No.67" • Colour emitted directly by LEDs: absence of coloured filters ensures no energy losses and no colour shifts • Fully compatible with existing AFL infrastracture* •    Designed with simplicity    allowing longer maintenance intervals and fewer spare parts • No use of sealant to fix the prisms in the dome thanks to customized gaskets, making their replacement quick and easy • No optical adjustment after LED module or prism replacement • Valve for watertightness test after overhaul • Operating with any topology of CCRs designed in compliance with IEC or FAA requirements * For monitored fixtures, isolation transformer max size: 200VA PERFORMANCES • The electronic is strong-built and highly resistant to shock and vibration • Automatic adaptation to the frequency of the supply current • A surge protection device is provided in the electronics as required by the FAA "Engineering Briefing No.67" • Immediate detection of an internal fault •    6.35 mm protrusion strongly reduces vibrations to aircrafts and to light itself, increasing its lifetime • Dome smooth outer profile makes the light less sensitive to snowplough blades • Bidirectional or unidirectional, 8" dia. • Drop-forged dome and cast aluminium lower cover make the fitting sturdy, but lightweight too for ease handling in the field • Light output practically not affected by heavy rainfall thanks to the shallow channel in front of the prism windows • O-Ring placed outside the dome to avoid dirt deposits between light and base • Protection degree: IP68 • Temperature range: -55°C to +55°C INSTALLATION • Suitable for 8" dia. bases • Adaptor ring for installation on 12" dia. bases • Specific tools available for easy and precise installation (EnergyTechnology Via della Solidarieta, 2/1 40056 Valsamoggia Loc. Crespellano - Bologna (Italy) Tel: +39 051 66 56 611

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www.ocem.com ocem@ocem.com Compliance: I = ICAO 15 m S = ICAO 30 m F = FAA T = Rapid Exit Taxiway Centreline Colour(Side A)/(Side B): W = White R = Red T = Red (L-850T FAA) Y = Yellow (R.E.T.I.L. and Rapid Exit Centreline ICAO) G = Green (Rapid Exit Taxiway Centreline ICAO) M = Blank (unidirectional dome)* Electrical System: 1P = One Plug 2P = Two Plugs Monitoring: 0 = Without Monitoring M = With Monitoring Mounting Assembly: 0 = No mounting Assembly R = Adaptor Ring 8”-12” dia. Arctic Kit: 0 = Without Arctic Kit A = With Arctic Kit * The aperture not finished "M" will be always on side "B" Via...

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Shipping Weights and Volumes REN EWAL PARTS FOR LIGHT UNIT 1 Dome with prisms and gaskets 2 O-Ring for dome 3 O-Ring for lower cover 4 Arctic Kit heater 5 Arctic Kit thermostat 6 Lower cover with electronic, plug and valve 7 Valve for watertightness test 8 Prism Gasket 9 Prism 10 Prism holder gasket 11 Mounting plate 12 Reflector with hardware 13 LED module with accessories 14 Lower cover gasket 15 FAA L-823 plug Refer to the relevant technical manual for the complete list of the available spare parts ACCESSORIES 315.1230 Base L-868 type, class IA, size B, 24" deep * 315.1420 Flange ring with...

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