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MEDIUM INTENSITY DUAL COLOR OBSTAFLASH XENON The dual color OBSTAFLASH Xe medium intensity is a white flashing obstruction light during the day, and a red flashing obstruction light at night. The dual color OBSTAFLASH Xe is compliant with ICAO medium intensity type A and B, FAA L864/L865 flashing lights. Flashhead • cover and optic 100% hard glass • not sensitive to high temperature and UV • aluminium body • modular design • easy maintenance • precise optic • safety interlock switch • linear flash tube Description • 2 levels of independent flashing lamps: in case of failure of a tube the other continues to work • 20 000 candelas during daytime and 2000 candelas during the night • 20 to 60 flashes per minute • rugged design and modular power supply for easy and low maintenance cost • safety interlock switch Power cabinet • «weather tight» stainless steel enclosures (in vertical position) • key lock for security • «plug-in» modular construction with plated contact surfaces, • synchronization module for more than 1 light • Dry capacitors • Maximum distance: 300m between flashead and power cabinet Effective Luminous output Beam Spread Main characteristics Day Dual color Medium Intensity * 20 000 Cd effective intensity is done in 1ms and 8 millions candelas peak Power supply Power consumption at 40 flashes per minute and 20 000 candelas OBSTA part number

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MEDIUM INTENSITY ADDITIONAL FEATURES SETS COMPOSITION Obstruction lighting system Medium intensity Flashhead 6 trous de fixation Ø16 sur Ø337 6 mounting holes Ø16 on Ø337 circle Medium Intensity Description Flashhead Control cabinet Switch Connecting cable between flashhead and control cabinet Spare flashtube assy OPTIONS Control cabinet • Master/slave multiple beacon system, by cable or fiber optic for more than 4 lights • GPS module for wireless synchronization of the flashes and day/night switch ref. 13646 • 24V battery cabinet for 12 hours of back-up in case of main power failure OTHER...

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